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Foodie Friday: Jake’s offers a new option for burgers

Foodie_Friday_Jakes_Jay_MarksWritten by Jay Marks

For those of you who have been missing Agave Azul’s great patio space here in Flower Mound, we have great news!

In case you haven’t heard (doubtful), Jakes Hamburgers has recently opened their ninth location in the old Agave Azul spot in the Pines of Flower Mound on the corner of FM 3040 and Gerault Rd.

With a great patio, an indoor/outdoor bar, and lots of good food to choose from, this is a great place to head after work with co-workers or with friends for a fun evening out!

The burger joint is co-owned by brothers Marty and Greg Garvey and serves hamburgers made from meat ground at the Fort Worth Stockyards. And did you know that some of the Jakes locations (including the new Flower Mound one) serve breakfast as well? They serve all kinds of delicious-sounding breakfast items including oatmeal, French toast, breakfast tacos, and chicken fried steak (yes, chicken fried steak for breakfast)!

When we went for lunch this week, the place was packed – we took the last available table in the whole restaurant. And there were plenty of people seated at both the indoor and outdoor bar and the patio. So, prepare yourself for a little bit of a wait if you go during peak times.

At the recommendation of the staff, we started out with some of their fried green beans served with a side of their spicy ranch-like dressing. They came out steaming hot and were perfectly fried and battered to offer the right amount of crisp and crunch. I like eating vegetables that way!

And we obviously couldn’t come to Jakes and not order burgers, so one of us ordered their Jakes Special which has thousand island dressing and the other ordered one of their most popular Burgers of the Month, the Jalapeno Bottle Cap Burger which is a cheeseburger topped with their fried jalapeno coins. Every burger is served on their signature poppy seed buns and you can taste the freshness of the meat they use in each and every bite. And their fries are incredible! We ordered a side of sweet potato fries served with their marshmallow dipping sauce as well as a side of some of their seasoned and battered fries. SO. GOOD.

In addition to burgers, Jakes offers lots of other options for customers including salads (as well as the option to turn any burger into a salad), hot dogs and sandwiches.

Flower Mound was definitely in need of another good burger spot, so we are grateful to welcome Jakes to the neighborhood! If the rain clears up this weekend at all, head out to enjoy the great patio space at Jakes and chow down on a good burger and some fries. Or if it keeps raining, head to Jakes to eat your feelings. Either way, it’s a win.

Until next week, Foodies!

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Jay Marks
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