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Rheudasil Park pond improvements on horizon

Rheudasil Park Pond
Rheudasil Park Pond

Flower Mound Town council members recently approved upgrades that will enhance the aquatic health of Rheudasil Park Pond.

Bank Stabilization
Slope revetment structures will be installed around the entire pond to combat erosion and turn steep inclines around the shoreline into gradual slopes. A small section of the northern side of the pond will have a combination of slope revetment and retaining wall installed as the bank is most steep there, and revetment alone will not be effective. Bank stabilization not only stops the banks from eroding outward into the park, it increases accessibility for residents to utilize the shores of the ponds for fishing or other activities.

Mechanical Dredging
Over time, sediment from litter, runoff, bacteria and other factors begins to settle on the bottom of any pond. As this sediment continues to build upward, the aquatic health of the pond can become threatened, thus mechanical dredging is needed to restore the pond’s natural bottom. The mechanical dredging of Rheudasil Park Pond will only occur in the northern section of the pond, where it is the deepest. That particular area is drained; the sediment is dug out using excavators, loaded into sealed trucks and hauled off site. Fish and other aquatic wildlife are confined to a cofferdam (a small pond within the pond) during the course of dredging.

Town Engineers and Park Development staff will be working together to coordinate the project. The design phase will begin this summer, with the anticipated start of construction late summer or fall of 2016.

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