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My Perspective – Accomplishments

It has been a great honor to serve Flower Mound since being a resident for the last 20 years.  As a member of Planning and Zoning, the Transportation Commission, and other Town committees, it has been a reward to work with my fellow residents to develop, evaluate and recommend Town policies and projects to Council for approval.  In fact, many of those policies were and still are integral to developing and maintaining this great community.

Since 2013, I have had the additional privilege of serving our residents as an elected member of our Town Council.

I am excited to see many of the things residents have been asking for finally being made possible by the Council I am a part of including Flower Mound’s new dog park, the new senior center, and rebuilding and enhancing Twin Coves Park.

It is also been deeply satisfying to finally bring Flower Mound’s first hotel and movie theater to Town.  These new businesses will not only offer new venues for our residents, but also attract our neighbors from our surrounding communities.  This new activity will help our existing businesses, and generate the additional tax dollars to maintain our Town’s infrastructure and services. These funds allow us to continue to build desired park and recreation amenities like a community garden and help complete our extensive trail system.

In the past year, our sales tax revenue has increased by over 35% fueled by a host of old and new businesses.  Our property tax base has also continued to grow, and in 2014 we added more than $565 million in value to our property tax base from new construction.  This positive activity is consistent with our 1997adopted vision of cultivating a “dynamic economic environment.”  It has allowed the Town Council to approve the first reduction in our property tax rate in Flower Mound’s history and receive a AAA bond rating.

There are several exciting programs that at my request are being revitalized or introduced.  Last year, I asked that our Environmental Conservation Commission review our sustainability program including key components related to native Texas plants, water conservation, and the preservation of our tree canopy. I did this because not only are these items fiscally conservative, but they aid us in preserving our unique country atmosphere while we continue building Flower Mound in accordance with the goals of our Master Plan.

As a continuation of my commitment to sustainability, at Monday’s Council meeting  I will be recommending an exciting new direction for the Town’s tree farm including a much needed expansion and exciting new opportunities for community engagement. I also want to begin a new effort to correct issues related to tree mitigation in our Specific Plan Areas and other designated economic development areas that resulted from prior Town Council actions in 2007.

Few people have had the honor of serving Flower Mound under four different Town Mayors.  I ask for your vote in this year’s election so that I may continue my decades of service.

Michael Walker
Place 1, Flower Mound Town Council
Flower Mound, TX

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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