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Something to Muench On…If you pray hard enough, miracles can happen!

Kimberly Muench
Kimberly Muench

April is a special month at our house, my youngest [and only] daughter is having a birthday!  It’s hard to imagine she’s graced us with her presence for a decade now, I remember the day she arrived like it was yesterday.

Unseasonably warm for early April in Wisconsin, we’d had some friends over for dinner on a Saturday night.   Since I was nearing the end of my pregnancy, and had four boys already under our roof, I was exhausted when I turned in just before midnight.  A few hours later I was jolted out of a sound sleep by a strong contraction.  Unable to soothe myself enough to doze off again, I quietly got out of bed and decided to watch some television in the family room.

The house was dark and peaceful, but for the drone of the infomercial, when next I felt my stomach tighten.  Time to call the doctor.  I wasn’t due for another month, but my previous three boys had all been born prematurely, so it wasn’t expected I’d make it to my due date.  After a short phone conversation I was gently rousing my husband, who was less than amused by my 4:00 am wake up call.  We made it to the hospital room just in time to see the sun rise.

I know I am not the only mother who would tell you their child didn’t cooperate when they really wanted them to.  After being hooked up to monitors for several hours, my doctor decided there just wasn’t enough labor activity to warrant an early c-section.  She left the room to assemble the discharge paperwork when my loving husband said, “See, I told you she wasn’t coming today.”

I’m telling you, that was all I needed to literally will my body into active labor.  His comment, and a few prayers to some female relatives I am sure were listening to me from Heaven.  As I lay their in bed I prayed, more intently than I’d ever prayed before.  I asked God to allow me to meet my baby girl that very day.  Asking my grandmothers and aunts to help me convince Him just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

When the doctor returned to my room a few minutes later, I told her she’d better check the monitor.  After a quick review, the doctor told me she didn’t know what had happened in such a short amount of time but, my body was definitely telling us she couldn’t take a chance on releasing me.

By lunchtime Tom and I welcomed a 5-pound ray of sunshine we named Mia!  She captured our hearts the moment we saw her and she’s been a blessing to our family ever since.  Mia is nothing like I expected a daughter of mine to be (super girly-girl after all those boys), but she’s such a beautiful,  independent, free spirit it’s hard not to love her just the way she is!

Spring birthdays, trees in bloom, and the celebration of Easter are all terrific reminders of the new beginnings each of us can enjoy this season.  From my home to yours, Happy Spring!

Kimberly Muench is a Flower Mound mother of five and author of “My Mothers Footprints: A story of Faith, Calm, Courage, Patience and Grace.” To see more of her work or to contact her, visit

Kimberly Muench
Kimberly Muench
Kim Muench is a Flower Mound mother of five kiddos. She is a certified parent coach who loves working with moms and dads of adolescents to build stronger, healthier connections in their home. To learn more, visit her website at

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