Foodie Friday: Investigating the hype at Sara Donuts

foodie_friday_sarasdonuts1Ok, ok… after months and months of following threads about Sara Donuts in Flower Mound, we finally decided to put our diets to the side for one morning and head over to the local doughnut shop off of FM 2499 to see what all the hype is about.

And I will tell you, the hype is totally deserved! I LOVE this local doughnut shop with its eclectic decor, bright colors, friendly and chipper staff and the sense of community this place has created within Flower Mound.

Many of you probably heard how the doughnut shop was featured on WFAA during our ice/snow storms last week as local resident, Travis Duane, bought out all the doughnuts the shop’s owner, Faith Ko, had to offer and delivered them to strangers, neighbors, and fellow doughnut-enthusiasts who weren’t willing to brave the weather themselves!

But seriously… why have people gone so crazy over these doughnuts? What makes them so unique? First of all – like I mentioned, its the atmosphere and the staff who really make the experience pleasurable. But it’s also their unique mix of delicious doughnut options!

I knew we finally had to make a visit to Sara Donuts after they posted a picture of their new Chocolate Mousse Doughnut on Facebook… it just looked too good to resist!
But they have all kinds of great options every morning for you to choose from including some original favorites like plain yeast glazed or chocolate-sprinkled as well as some more unique options like a gluten-free Strawberry Shortcake and Greek Yogurt frosted doughnuts with toppings like fruit, granola or cereal! Other crowd favorites include: Creme Brulee, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Maple Bacon, and the S’mores.

But no matter which doughnut you choose to go with, you’ll experience something so fluffy and delicious – and it will provide just the right amount of sweetness to get your day going!

And doughnuts aren’t even all they offer – you can also choose from other non-doughnut options like breakfast burritos, kolaches or one of their hot or cold beverages!

I know all these pictures have your mouth watering. So, the next time you want to be “Employee of the Day” at the office or treat the kids to something special on the weekend, definitely head to Sara Donuts to try out some of their incredible breakfast options and to meet their friendly staff!

You just might see us while you’re there… picking up doughnuts for our own office!

Have a great weekend Foodies – put your own diet off for one morning and treat yourself to a doughnut! It’s ok… I give you permission.

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Jay Marks
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