Thursday, December 1, 2022

Put me in coach: MHS baseball team expands its pack

Marcus High School AVLS (Academic Vocational Life Skills) students are getting together and in the game, the game of baseball that is.

Since the start of baseball practice, MHS varsity baseball team, otherwise known as “The Pack,” has welcomed some new members – MHS’ AVLS students.

“The idea happened organically and exploded the very first time,” MHS Head Baseball Coach Jeff Sherman said. “Everyone is part of The Pack here. It’s a time to play baseball, have fun and just be yourself.”

Every Thursday or Friday, MHS AVLS students show up to practice to warm up, stretch, practice throwing and play baseball with the team.

MHS AVLS teacher Anne Schlichter loves the opportunity.

“Words cannot fully explain what an amazing endeavor this has become,” Schlichter said. “Our students enjoy the fresh air and the additional exercise, but more than anything, they are relishing the feeling that comes with belonging and acceptance for they are truly part of the MHS baseball team and part of The Pack.”

MHS baseball players agree.

“We play the game so much we sometimes forget why we play it,” MHS baseball player and Navarro College signee Michael Pilato said. “When others join us, we are reminded of why we started playing baseball in the first place – for the fun of the game.”

According to Coach Sherman, the collaboration is a win-win situation. MHS boys have enjoyed the additional responsibility of teaching the AVLS students the game they love. But, moreover, acceptance has been gained and friendships have been made.

The 2015 spring baseball season is just around the corner. Stay tuned to witness this bond and see how the newly expanded Pack takes the field.

Batter Up!

Elizabeth Haas is part of the public relations team with the Lewisville Independent School District.

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