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Argyle Police Blotter – January 2015

4-10 argyle_pd_patch-cropThe following is a summary of incident reports recently made to the Argyle Police Department as compiled by the staff of the CTG:

Fire and EMS were called to FM 407 and U.S. Highway 377 after a witness reported seeing a four-door vehicle hit a tree, causing moderate damage to the car.

A resident called police about harassment after he got into an argument with an unknown person on his Twitter account. The resident said the unknown person indicated he would sent SWAT and other special forces to deal with him. Police spoke with the resident and determined no direct threats or any offense of harassment had occurred. The resident was advised to block the person and to make his Twitter account private.

In the 1200 block of FM 407 at a liquor store, police investigated a report of assault involving a man and a woman. However, upon their arrival, the subjects could not be located.

In the 8300 block of South Stemmons at a theatre, police were notified someone broke into a truck through the door to get the sound system. The caller told police the owner could not speak English so the caller was translating.

A woman in the 700 block of Knob Hill Court called police to report that a woman in a truck had driven by her home several times, yelling obscenities to her children, ages 6 and 8 years old, while they were playing in the front yard. The woman wanted to notify police about the incident but did not want to file an official complaint. The vehicle was also seen driving by the home by neighbors on other occasions.

Someone broke a window to get inside a model home in the 300 block of River Meadows. Police were called to meet with a representative of the home builder to see what, if anything, was missing.

At an Argyle church, a member called police about a vehicle parked in a secondary parking lot with headlights off and taillights on. Police checked with the individual and discovered the person to be homeless.

Police responded to a caller in the 300 block of Creekside Trail about children running out in front of a car. The officer spoke to the kids about looking both ways before crossing the street.

A man told police he lost his gun from in the front part of the house in the 300 block of Boonesville Bend and noticed it missing three hours before calling. The weapon was identified as a Sig Sauer P238.

A woman told police she and her six children were about to eat when she heard someone upstairs at her home in the 700 block of Manor Drive. The woman said after she heard loud footsteps upstairs and started to investigate, she noticed a side door open. She took her children outside and into the car where they left the home and drove to the end of the street before she called police. The woman told police her husband was out of town at the time and no one was expected to be in the home besides them. Police checked and cleared the house without finding anyone.

A couple in the 500 block of Gibbons Road called police after hearing something in their yard. The couple’s dog began growling. Then the couple heard people talking outside and called police. The husband checked the house but reported everyone looked OK. The dog had gone back to sleep.

A resident on Hearth Terrace reported someone bumping into patio furniture outside and then another noise when the dog began to growl. The man told police he was looking through the house with his gun and that the house alarm was set. He put the gun away and turned off the alarm to answer the door when police arrived. Nothing unusual was found by police.

A resident was having a birthday party for his child in the 200 block of Country Lakes Boulevard when he saw about seven teens ages 14-16 smoking and running through back yards.

An officer spotted a black truck parked in front of a liquor store around 3:30 a.m. When the officer came back by, it was gone. The officer spotted a black truck further down the road, but upon checking it and finding it empty and the motor cold, realized it was not the same vehicle.

A woman pulled up to her home the 9400 block of Hilltop Road and noticed lights were on the house that she did not leave on. The woman, who was alone at the time, asked officers to stay on the line and to stop by to check the house. Officers reported the house was clear and there were no signs of forced entry.

Two white calves were spotted near the 77 mile marker on Interstate 35W by a person driving by. The driver told police the calves came out from under a fence into the ditch and looked rambunctious.

CTG Staff
CTG Staff
The Cross Timbers Gazette News Department

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