Goal: To Set A Good Example

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Halle Magee believes it is important to be involved at school and in the community. The Flower Mound High School senior is the choir president, a member of the student council, student body historian and works part-time as well.

Magee said she has benefited greatly from participating in the various activities she does.

“I like being involved because it allows me to meet a lot of new people at school, a lot of people that wouldn’t have normally met,” Magee said. “A lot of my best friends I met in choir, I would not have met them anywhere else. It keeps me busy and lets me have really cool experiences in my life.”

Magee is also an active member of her church youth group, and said she believes the biggest problem confronting young people today is the inability to use all of the technology at their disposal.

“I think a lot the issues that we have are that we have so much technology around us, and we don’t always know what to do with what we have,” Magee said. “A lot of teachers tell us we need to know how to do this, this and this, but a lot of us aren’t even educated in that kind of thing. We have a lot of trouble because we don’t know how to do a lot of it.”

Magee said one of the biggest misconceptions about young people is one she takes quite personally. 

“I feel like a lot of adults underestimate how responsible high school kids can be,” Magee said. “A lot of my friends have jobs, are involved in church and we all take school very seriously and take responsibility very serious, and I think that gets glossed over by some adults because we don’t have as much life experience as they do.”

When Magee thinks about what mark she would like to leave on the world, she thinks about a couple of things.

“I would like to be a light in my community,” Magee said. “I would also like to be a good role model for my friends and be successful in life. I just want to be a good example for people around me.”

Magee plans to attend Abilene Christian University in the fall.

Magee’s Favorites
Favorite Subject: History
Person who most inspires me: My Father
Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese
Favorite Movie: Harry Potter Movies
Favorite TV Show: Conan O’Brien
Last Book Read: Pride and Prejudice
Favorite Musical Group or Performer: Pentatonix

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