Giving Glory to God

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Everything Tiffany Lu does is for the glory of God, and her education and pursuits in the area of the fine arts at Liberty Christian School are no different.

Lu is the valedictorian of her senior class of 122 students and is headed to Baylor University next year where she plans to study biochemistry.

She has been accepted to the honors program at the university.

The senior is the band’s drum major and a National Merit Commended student and said that she likes to stay busy at LCS because it allows her to do what she loves most.
“It gives me a lot of opportunities to share God’s love with those around me, and I also enjoy helping out the community and meeting new people,” Lu said. 

Lu also plays classical piano, is president of the Spanish Club and a member of the Science Olympia team at the school.

Lu said she believes the biggest issue affecting young people today can also be one of the greatest aspects of contemporary life, and needs to be properly managed.

“I think a lot of times we can be in our own bubble a lot, especially with social media,” Lu said. “It keeps us in our own bubble, and we don’t always look up or look out, and it can keep us from learning new things that we should know.”

The Flower Mound 17-year old said she believes the biggest misconception about young people is related to the same issue

“I think it is that we are not interested in learning,” Lu said. “I think that we do like to learn, but that we don’t see the opportunities to do so.”

Lu said when she thinks about making her mark on the world she wants to do two things; “give glory to God and help as many people as possible.”

Lu has a 4.57 grade point average.

The Liberty Christian senior said that there is no doubt about what she will remember the most about her time at her Alma Mater.

“I will definitely remember the teachers and the impact they’ve had on me,” Lu said.

Lu’s Favorites
Favorite Subject: Biology
Person who most inspires me: Her pastor
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Movie: Les Miserables
Favorite TV Show: Sherlock 
Last Book Read: The Picture of Dorian Gray
Favorite Musical Group or Performer: Lea Salonga

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