McAuliffe fourth graders personalize writing blogs

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Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

McAuliffe Elementary 4th graders in Highland Village recently found a way to be themselves via their blogs.

To help the look of writing blogs represent their student authors, McAuliffe 4th grade Art teacher Rebecca Lake sought assistance from Lewisville ISD (LISD) Design Coaches.

“We want all of our 4th graders to create their own writing blogs to document what they do academically and socially,” Lake said. “However, the ELA teachers noticed their students’ desire to put a personal stamp on their blogs – and that’s where I could help.”

Focusing on art Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), design coaches and Lake helped students bring their blogs to life by involving elements of art and principles of design. During art class, students developed and tweaked their blog’s background, fonts and colors to express their personalities and design a visually appealing blog for themselves and their readers.

“The project was amazing to be a part of,” LISD Design Coach Lindsey Ferguson said. “Seeing the collaboration to effectively and efficiently help students was inspiring. Students were so proud of their work and each of them were able to make it their own through their design, as well as their writing entries.”

Students enjoyed personalizing their blogs during art class.

“Designing my blog helped my learn how to show my style no matter what anyone else thinks,” student Kaililani Frisella said.

And the best part about blogs, students can revamp the look and feel whenever they like.

“This is an ongoing program for students,” Lake said. “At any different time, they can go back and change the look or add different widgets if they want to.”

What are you waiting for? Blog on, students!

See more pictures and examples of student blogs here.

Liz Haas is the west zone communications coordinator for the Lewisville Independent School District.

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