Monday, August 15, 2022

FMTC approves Lakeside Parkway speed limit changes, among other items

During the Flower Mound Town Council meeting on Monday, council members also approved several items as part of a consent agenda.

Items approved by town council members include:

*Amending Chapter 66, Article V, Section 66-214 of the Code of Ordinances of the Town of Flower Mound, by adding speed limits for Lakeside Parkway with the following segments and speed limits: Between Long Prairie Road (FM 2499) to Sandy Lane (30 mph);Between south Town Limits and Sandy Lane (40 mph); and from FM 2499 to the east Town Limits (45 mph).

Lakeside Parkway, in the vicinity of the new Greystar Development within Lakeside DFW,is currently posted at 40 mph on the west side of FM 2499 and 45 mph on the east side of FM 2499.Based on the design speed of the roadway, narrow lanes, new angled parking on Lakeside Parkway between Sandy Lane and FM 2499, as well as the commercial and residential properties in this area proposed to generate a large number of pedestrians, the appropriate speed limit for this area is 30 mph.

For the rest of Lakeside Parkway between Lakeside Village and Sandy Lane, until the Lakeside DFW development continues with the next phase of development, the pedestrian activity, parking activity is expected to be low. Therefore, the current speed limit of 40 mph is an appropriate speed limit.

For Lakeside Parkway east of FM 2499, based on the engineering study and the study of the speeds along these segments, the current posted speed limit of 45 mph is appropriate.

*A resolution declaring expectation to reimburse expenditures with proceeds of future debt and authorizing the preparation of the documents associated with the issuance, sale, and delivery of the debt obligations; and providing an effective date.

The town plans to issue debt during fiscal year 2014-2015 to fund improvements to streets, signals, parks and recreation and to the water and wastewater system within the Town.

In order to begin the projects prior to the issuance of debt, it is necessary to pass the resolution declaring intent to reimburse expenditures totalling $19.4 million. Proposed projects and estimated costs include the following:

Street Projects:
ADA Transition Plan & Implementation
Auburn Drive Right Turn Lane
McKamy Creek Turn Lane at Flower Mound Road
Sagebrush Improvements
Stonecrest Road
Total Street Improvements: $4,590,000

Signal Projects:
FM 1171 at Kirkpatrick – Reconstruction
FM 1171 at Timber Creek – Reconstruction
Traffic Detection Rehabilitation
Total Signal Improvements: $565,000

Park Project
Twin Coves Park Improvements: $3,100,000

Total General Improvements: $8,255,000

Utility Capital Projects

Water Projects:
FM 2499 12-Inch Water Line Phase III
Long Prairie 12-Inch Water Line
Oak Drive Water Main Replacement
Pintail Ground Storage Tank Rehabilitation
Stonehill Pump Station 10MG GST Modification
Stonehill Pump Station Discharge Valve Replacement
Utility Asset Management & Utility Replacement
Water System Leak Detection & Repair
Total Water Improvements: $4,930,000

Wastewater Projects:
Inflow-Infiltration/Evaluation and Repair
Lower Timber Interceptor
Oak Street Lift Station and Force Main Phase III
Total Wastewater Improvements: $5,855,000

Total Utility Improvements: $10,785,000

* Entering a Professional Services Agreement with Innovative Transportation Solutions, Inc., to provide professional transportation services in the amount of $75,000 annually, with a one year renewal option; and authorization for the mayor to
execute same on behalf of the town.

* The purchase of portable and mobile radios for the Flower Mound Police Department, courts, animal services and the Flower Mound Fire Department, through the Houston-Galveston Area Council of Governments (H-GAC) cooperative purchasing program, from Motorola
at a cost of $850,250.39,

* The purchase of a mobile video system for the Flower Mound Police Department, through the State of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR), from WatchGuard Video System at a cost of $198,177. The current system is considered outdated and the company no longer provides support or replacement parts for units in need of repair.

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