Chromebooks key part of curriculum at Argyle schools

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As technological advancements are being implemented into classrooms nation-wide, Argyle Independent School District has allowed students to take some of this technology home.

Six-hundred and forty students from the district have been issued new Google Chromebooks. These laptops feature a keypad and touch screen that all operate through Google’s app system.

The district’s 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students have the opportunity to use the devices throughout the school-year in their English, History, Science and Math courses.

Argyle Middle School Principal Scott Gibson says the district’s goal is to create “21st century learners.”

“It helps students learn the way they grow up,” Gibson said. “Those kids who were 7 years old when the iPhone first came out in 2007 are the ones who grew up with smartphones. This is what they know.”

Each of the students has been given their own Argyle ISD Gmail account which allows them to store all class materials in Google’s cloud system.

Administrative intern and 7th grade science teacher Trevor Baker has been providing tutorials on how to use the Chromebooks.

He teaches students about the Google Drive system and apps the school district is allowing them to use. He says teachers will provide further instruction, depending on their class’ curriculum.

“They also learn how to set up file folders and share them,” Baker said. “This helps them learn how to collaborate with others.”

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Brianna Vela is a public relations intern with the Argyle Independent School District.

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