Around Argyle – Oct. 2014

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September has been a busy month. I want to wish Charles West, the Argyle Town Manager, good luck with his future endeavors. He has our best wishes as he leaves the Management job in Argyle.

I also want to congratulate Jay Haynes and thank him for accepting the appointment to Town Council to complete Jeff Cantrell’s term. Jay has already brought different perspectives and ideas to our Council and will add the expertise that we lost with Jeff’s resignation.

We will also be making new appointments for the Planning and Zoning and Economic Development Corporation in October. Contact the Town Hall for more information.

We had our first workshop, discussing the Form Based Zoning, which identifies the different areas that will be zoned for commercial use. There are several meetings coming up that I encourage you to attend. The Economic Development Corporation will be hosting a public forum on Oct. 23 if you would like to stay informed and state your ideas for the zoning process.

We are also having another workshop on Oct. 21 to discuss the Comprehensive Plan and hear ideas that will hopefully clarify the process of implementation of the plan in a suitable manner.

We met with Commissioner Andy Eads and Argyle’s water department to discuss the time frame for the widening of Country Club Road. Andy will be having a meeting for the public to explain the dates and timeframe. The project is projected to begin in January 2015.

There was a fabulous event that recognized the Heroes of Denton County. This was an evening honoring the police and firefighters that put their lives in danger every day to keep us safe. We are fortunate to have the outstanding police and firefighters in our Town. I encourage you to let them know your appreciation.

Council Members, staff and I attended the 35W coalition meeting that informed us of the importance of voting on Proposition 1 in November. This is a way that Texas will receive more revenue for the much needed infrastructure. This is extremely important for the growing Denton County.

The Town and School are still meeting to ensure that we are aware of the different projects that affect the town and school.  Dr. Wright and the School Board have a questionnaire that we will be giving each developer that wants to submit a proposal. The information will help the school district deal with future growth. We are putting together meetings around Town for the Citizens to ask questions and learn the process of Town business. The Task Force is forming some informal gatherings along with other meetings hosted by different school groups. I am excited about the new ideas of communication.

I met with Bob Williams, the founder of Ranch Hand Rescue, a nonprofit organization, located in Argyle, whose mission statement is to ”save abused and neglected farm animals with a special focus on animals requiring critical care, to adopt rehabilitated animals, to provide a sanctuary for the animals that have ongoing needs and to help people with personal, mental and psychological challenges to change and better their lives through equine/animal assisted therapy” Please check out their website,, to find out how you can help.

Keep informed by signing up for the emails and texts that Kristi, the Town Secretary, will be sending on important information regarding upcoming events. Please call and schedule a meeting with me or any of the Council members. We have had lots of great discussions with Citizens and I find this my favorite way of communication. Please let us hear from you.

Have a great month and STAY INFORMED!

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