Argyle Police Blotter

The following is a summary of incident reports recently made to the Argyle Police Department as compiled by the staff of CTG:

A woman called police after seeing crushed beer cans and toilet paper in her yard on Oregon Trail. She also told police that her window was cracked by a brick.

Police were called to a traffic incident by a woman who said she was walking along Creekside Trail when she saw a female driver texting on her phone while driving. The woman’s car then hit a parked car, she said, and left the scene. The caller gave police a description of the car, which was later tracked to a Denton address. Argyle police contacted Denton police for follow-up.

A caller reported seeing smoke and flames in the 1000 block of East Hickory Hill Road as he drove by. Officers found a grass fire. A second caller told police her husband was trying to stomp the fire out in a ditch though it was spreading with hot ashes catching in the wind. The wind speed was 21 miles per hour with gusts up to 31 miles per hour. The fire was out within a few minutes.

A woman called police after she found a fox that had been shot. The woman told police she feared it had been shot on her property. She also said her horses were “freaked out” the next morning.

Argyle police investigated a report of harassment after a resident on Johns Well Court told them that a tree trimmer was calling repeatedly to come back to the property to look for equipment he left behind. The resident reported having problems with the tree trimmer, who was supposed to finish the job by a certain date but did not. The caller gave the tree trimmer an additional day but the job was still unfinished. The caller had a confrontation with the tree trimmer and paid him, telling him to leave the property.

A resident on Harpole Road told Argyle police about receiving harassing phone calls from a person in reference to a computer virus scam. The resident told the caller to stop calling but the caller then “became vulgar and has continued calling.”

Argyle police investigated a report of juveniles riding a four-wheeler on Stonecrest Road. The riders, who were wearing helmets, appeared to be about 12 years old. When the caller drove around a curve in the road, the juveniles had to veer into a ditch to avoid hitting him. The caller told police the juveniles had been seen on the roads all of the time, but was unsure where they live.  A second caller later reported the juveniles were driving pretty fast down the road with no adult supervision.

A woman pulled over by a police officer in the 400 block of Country Club Road called 911 to inquire whether the officer was real. Police verified the identity of the officer who had pulled her over.

A bicyclist wearing a helmet fell in the 1000 block of Sam Davis Road. The woman, believed to be in her 20s, was bleeding and could not remember her age. The woman reported having shoulder pain. She was advised not to remove her helmet due to the possibility of a head injury. The fire department responded to assist the woman and took possession of the bicycle. Police were later contacted by the woman’s husband, who was seeking more information.

Several callers notified Argyle police that a man was driving recklessly on Interstate I-35W. The man, who was driving an SUV, exited at FM 407 and veered onto the shoulder heading east. An officer made contact and learned the driver was going to work. He told police he left the house very early because he lives far away from his job site. The driver told police he was having difficulty staying awake.

A man called police about two male teens that appeared to be drinking on Hickory Hill Road.  When spotted, the teens fled with one heading east and the other jumping a fence toward Hwy 377. Both appeared to have alcohol in their hands.

A woman called police asking for an officer to contact her regarding a spent shell casing on the Argyle High School track. The woman said she wanted to know what to do with it.

Police responded to a call of a juvenile riding a Union Pacific train at Frenchtown Road and Hwy 377. Flower Mound police first spotted the juvenile and contacted Argyle police. Crew on the train stopped and escorted the juvenile off the train. He was last seen walking along the road.

A caller reported to police that two geese were dead in the roadway in the 100 block of Country Lakes Boulevard. The caller said he believed a vehicle was driving too fast and hit them. The geese were removed from the road prior to the officer’s arrival.


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