Argyle Police Blotter

The following is a summary of incident reports recently made to the Argyle Police Department as compiled by the staff of The Cross Timbers Gazette:

A new homeowner in Country Lakes reported that someone stole his refrigerator from the garage of the home he was in the process of moving into.

Police took a forgery/fraud report from a resident on Morning Dove Court who stated that someone was using his social security number to get payday loans.

A resident on Old Justin Road reported that she heard her neighbor’s dogs barking and when she looked out her window she saw three mules and one horse running loose in the roadway. Their owner was contacted and came out to collect the animals.

An officer on patrol during the overnight hours spotted a camper parked next to Argyle High School. Upon investigation, the officer learned that it was recently restored and the owners were camping out in it.

A man that leases a pasture on FM 407 spotted an unauthorized truck driving on the property and suspected that the trespassers were deer hunters. Police responded and were unable to locate the truck.

Police took a theft report from a resident on Skyline Drive after yard equipment was reported stolen from the victim’s barn. There was no sign of forced entry.

A woman on East Collin Street said that her neighbor was sending harassing emails to her about parking her vehicle in the community parking lot. She did not wish to file a report but wanted to make they were aware of the situation. The woman was advised by police to tell the neighbor to stop emailing her.

An officer was called out to Ben Boyd Road to check the status of door to door salespeople selling carpet cleaning services that were not in possession of a town solicitor’s permit. 

A resident on Johns Well Court reported seeing a white pickup truck with its engine running parked on the street with a teenager sleeping in it. An officer arrived and called the teen’s parents who responded at the scene to pick him up.

Police investigated a reckless driver report made by a concerned citizen about a car constantly speeding on Frenchtown Road and traced it to a student at Liberty Christian School. The school cooperated with authorities and made contact with the student.

An officer responded to a burglar alarm on Manor Drive after the homeowner stated that someone attempted to come through her front door. The officer determined the alarm was set off by high winds.

Argyle police assisted the Northlake Police department with suspicious activity at the Velero gas station on I-35W after an employee reported three teenagers loitering near the restrooms for an extended period of time and sticking their hand up into the ATM machine slot.

An officer on patrol spotted a female in full military fatigue walking down Hwy 377.  She explained that she was out training and would be walking 15 to 20 miles. 

An officer assisted the Northlake Police Department on a welfare check at the Chadwick Apartments after a maintenance worker discovered a 3 year-old child alone in an apartment. The child told the man that his dad was asleep so he waited for five minutes and made lots of noise but no one came to the door. He told police that there was a pit bull in the apartment as well.

A concerned motorist at FM 407 and I-35W reported seeing a 10 year-old boy digging up telephone cables. The boy was described as Hispanic and wearing a blue jacket with blue jeans holding up a telephone cable that was lying on the ground and his other arm was stuck in a hole in the ground. An officer responded but was unable to locate anyone.


A woman on East Harpole Road called police to report that a skunk on her property was bothering her horses and chickens. She called back a short time later advising the skunk was headed towards her neighbor’s house. The dispatcher gave her the Animal Control Officer’s phone number.

Police took a report that a known suspect stole wiring, the electrical meter and appliances from a mobile home on East FM 407 that was being used as rental property. 

A concerned caller on Stonecrest Rd. witnessed a truck pull up next to a woman sitting on the side of the road and a man got out, picked her up and took her to a nearby house while the woman was screaming the whole time. After interviewing both the man and woman, the responding officer learned that the woman was walking down the road to see the man at his shop when she fell and twisted her ankle. The man picked her up and took her home. She admitted to screaming and cursing because she was in pain.

Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Redbud Street after a man called 911 and said his aunt assaulted him. He stated she was screaming at him, shoved him, slammed his hand in the door and spit on him. He suspected that she was under the influence of drugs. The man was advised to stay away from his aunt until police arrived.

A Country Lakes resident reported a suspicious vehicle, described as a beat up silver Toyota Camry driven by a black male, driving slowly through the neighborhood. An officer found the man at one of the model homes and he stated that he was looking for Section 8 housing.

Someone crashed their vehicle into a pipe fence on West FM 407 and left the scene while the owner was out of town. The investigating officer noted skid marks indicating that the vehicle was travelling westbound and had crossed into the eastbound lane, ran off the roadway and struck the fence.

A resident on Willow Street filed a criminal mischief report after someone threw darts over his fence and one got stuck in the tire of his trailer.

An officer pulled into Exxon at FM 407 and FM 1830 just past midnight to get gas and observed a dark colored vehicle parked next to the clothing donation box. He saw movement inside the vehicle and spoke to a female sitting in the driver’s seat. She said that she and her friend were from Lake Dallas and were there to donate some clothes. When asked about the whereabouts of her friend, she advised the officer that she had walked off, possibly to use the restroom. The woman had a box of children’s clothing in her possession and attempted to place a broken wooden children’s chair next to the donation box. No criminal activity was noted.

A caller on Redbud Street reported hearing a noise outside and seeing two unknown men in his backyard. He told the dispatcher that he had his BB gun, a knife and a pair of handcuffs at the ready so he could catch the suspects and hand them over to police when they get there. An officer arrived and was unable to locate any trespassers.

A Country Lakes resident complained about a group of children between 10 to 12 years old who were misbehaving in her cul-de-sac. She said that the kids were going into a house under construction, tried to tip over the port-a-potty with others in it, took toilet paper from the port-a-potty and threw it about the yard, and were hitting each other with the ‘for sale’ sign. 

Police investigated a noise complaint from a Redbud Street resident who stated his neighbor’s dog barks and was being neglected. An officer made contact with the neighbor who said her dog only barks because the man who filed the complaint yells obscenities at it. The Animal Control Officer was notified.

Someone damaged the exterior air conditioning unit at a vacant mobile home on Stonecrest Road.

Police responded to a report of two extremely intoxicated juveniles who were jumping out in front of vehicles on Hwy 377 near Stonecrest around 5 a.m. one morning. Police located the suspects and they were turned over to Flower Mound Police.

An officer traveling in the 700 block of North Hwy 377 spotted four turkeys in the roadway.

A resident on Redbud Street called police at 11 p.m. one night to inform them he had a wild rabbi
t that was injured by cats and needed to get it to the animal control officer to be treated. He was advised to call back in the morning.

An employee of Argyle Intermediate School requested extra patrols at night after someone used a crowbar to break into the concession stand at the baseball field and stole petty cash.

A resident complained about kids riding their ATV’s on Old Justin Road. A responding officer spoke with the parents and told them that their children can not ride on the street and this would be their only warning.

Police took a report from a Country Lakes resident of rowdy kids on golf carts shining flashlights and yelling. An officer located the juveniles and spoke to responsible adult in charge and issued a warning to the kids.

A motorist on I-35W reported seeing a couple fighting on the side of the road next to their pickup truck throwing bags of food at each other. An officer was unable to locate the subjects. 

Police took a call from a resident on C Taylor Road who reported hearing a man screaming at the top of his lungs outside. The screaming stopped before officers arrived and they were unable to locate the source.

A woman came to the police department and reported that a white male and white female cursed at her while driving in the 400 block of Old Justin Road. An officer attempted to locate the couple but was unsuccessful.

Argyle officers assisted Northlake Police with a large party at a house in the 7700 block of Hill Ridge Drive where 30 to 40 juveniles were drinking and smoking marijuana. When officers arrived, the partygoers scattered with some hiding in the attic and others running out of the house and into nearby fields. A 17-year-old boy hit a police officer in the face as he was being detained. Medics were called after a 15-year-old girl sustained cuts on her legs after getting caught in barbed wire. Officers rounded up as many of the juveniles as possible and contacted their parents. The neighbor that reported the disturbance said an older couple lives at the house but was out of town and whoever was watching the house was hosting the party.

A Country Lakes resident complained about six to eight juveniles drinking beer and being loud by the creek, saying the noise was keeping his daughter awake. An officer responded and did not find any beer, but warned the teens about making too much noise.

An officer stopped to check on what appeared to be a stranded motorist on Hwy 377 after dark and the driver stated that she “freaked out about school for a moment” and was on the phone talking with someone about it.

A woman in the 300 block of East Hickory Ridge Circle reported receiving harassing phone calls by someone using obscene language.  She said it had happened three times.

Police took a report of illegal dumping after a caller said that someone had dumped a load of cement on Skyline Drive. A responding officer located the cement but was unable to find the party that dumped it. The public works department was notified to clean up the roadway.

An officer spotted a vehicle pulling into the parking lot of Kwik Kar on Hwy 377 after midnight. The driver of the vehicle told the officer that he lived nearby and had just pulled over to think for a little bit.

A Lantana woman came to the police station to report that her vehicle had been hit while she was in Highland Village. She stated she does not know when or where specifically the accident occurred and that she only goes to Highland Village to shop, otherwise her car is in the garage. The woman was told that she needed to file the accident report in Highland Village were the incident occurred.

Police responded to a barking dog complaint from a resident on Creekside Trail in Country Lakes who said that a neighbor’s dog is always barking. The officer visited the pet owner and the owner agreed to speak with the Animal Control Officer about pet training to deter the barking.

A concerned motorist reported seeing a wounded goose along the side of the road near the police station. The motorist said that the goose was surrounded by a small flock of geese. An officer walked out of the police station to search for the goose, but was unable to locate it.

Police took a call from a resident who said his wife had received three calls from a man with a Middle Eastern accent who claimed he was representing a loan company and was saying obscene things and threatening to come over to their house. An officer called the Chicago, Ill. phone number where the call had originated and left a message. 

A Country Lakes resident complained about juveniles on Creekside Trail playing in the street. The resident said that she honks her horn to make them move out of the way and the children yell at her and say they can ride their bikes wherever they want. An officer responded to the area and was unable to locate any children playing outside.

Police received a call from a motorist driving down I-35W who reported seeing a calf chewing on a large piece of plastic. The caller was worried that the calf would choke because the plastic was hanging two feet out of its mouth. The Animal Control Officer was contacted and determined that trash blew into the pasture where the calf was grazing.

A woman called police from Paradise Liquors to report that her husband who lives in the RV Park behind the store was refusing to give her custody of her children despite a court order. She stated that she does not know where her 18-month-old son is and that her ex-husband is an alcoholic, “rageaholic,” and a sociopath. Police responded and addressed the situation.

A teacher reported to Argyle police that a student brought a gun to Argyle High School in his backpack and had a hit list. The student was described as a homeless white male and was said to be heading to a friend’s house after school. Police said no weapon was found.

A resident on River Meadows Lane reported to police about receiving a text message stating “I’m gonna kill you.” The resident did not recognize the phone number and has not received any additional text messages.

A resident on Clear Cove reported a mailbox had been pulled out of the ground overnight. The resident told police that he believed juveniles could be responsible.

Police responded to a welfare concern about a man straddling a bridge off I-35W at the 77 mile marker. A weapon was found in the trunk of a white pickup parked nearby on the bridge next to the man. Police requested the Department of Public Safety to assist and called emergency medical services to the scene. The man was taken into custody.

A dirt bike was reported stolen from a shed in the 500 block of Charyl Lynn Drive. The owner told police the bike was last seen four to five days before and that the shed had been unlocked.

Police investigated a criminal mischief complaint in the 300 block of Hidden Trail. A man reported people throwing bananas at cars and eggs at houses in the area.

A woman called Argyle police about a middle-aged man driving a truck who was tailgating her vehicle on FM 1830. Once both vehicles reached FM 407, the man tried to hit the caller twice and was hollering and using obscene gestures toward her. The report indicated it was unknown whether the driver was intoxicated or displaying road rage.

Police were called on a hit and run at McMakin and Jeter roads. A man told police a white service van sideswiped his car but did not stop.

A woman told police she paid a contractor to do a job in Southlake and the contractor cashed the check without performing the job.

Police investigated a burglary report after a woman told them that the person she had evicted had returned with friends to take out the air conditioner. The woman, who lives on Cleveland Gibbs Road, said the individual did not have permission to be on her property.

Police investigated a report at the Ar
gyle Post Office that two juvenile males were behind the building, messing with two of the post office vehicles. The group was different than another group who ran from police on Old Town Boulevard, the officer reported. The officer later reported seeing the same juveniles from the post office on Chisholm Trail. The officer was responding to a caller who reported that someone had knocked on her door and rang the doorbell 15 times. As soon as the officer turned onto Chisholm Trail, the juveniles ran.

Argyle police received a call that people were drag racing on Robson Ranch Rd. between the entrance to Robson Ranch and I-35W. However, the officer did not locate any vehicles upon his arrival.

Police responded to a call that a dark-colored van veered off Hwy 377, ran onto the sidewalk and into the Argyle Post Office. A woman was spotted standing next to the van. When officers arrived, the van was gone. The postmaster was called to the scene to check the building. An alert on the van was issued and several agencies were notified to check on possible locations of the van based on witness information.

A man reported his Jeep Wrangler was struck while parked in the 200 block of Chisholm Trail.

An officer responded to a citizen report about a snake in the road on Country Lakes Boulevard. The animal control officer was unable to make it to Argyle before school was out and the caller was concerned about the safety of the students. The officer found the snake in front of a house that appeared to have been repossessed with a yard overgrown with weeds. Just to make sure the snake was dead, the officer drove over it with his cruiser and then removed it from the roadway. The snake was believed to be a non-poisonous bull snake.

Originally published in the April-August 2014 issues of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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