Professor and student reunite, establish scholarship

Teachers develop a bond with their students, preparing their cognitive skills and sending them off to achieve prosperous futures. In the case of Dr. Solomon Luo, M.D., he reunited with his former professor to commend him for that effort.

Luo was once a student of Dr. John Jagger, a former professor and biophysicist at the University of Texas at Dallas. Dr. Jagger helped Dr. Luo get his visa to be able to study at the university, and later inspired him to attend medical school to pursue a career as an ophthalmologist. 

Today, Dr. Luo is a successful ophthalmologist in Philadelphia, Pa. who specializes in cataracts and refractive eye surgery, with his children joining him in his practice. 

“Solomon said he never would have made it where he is today without my dad’s help,” Jagger’s daughter Yvonne Callahan said.

Dr. Luo recently visited Dr. Jagger and his family for dinner, and is establishing the Dr. John Jagger scholarship which will provide $150,000 to a student in a science area of study. The reunion was held at the Rambling Oaks Courtyard, an assisted living facility in Highland Village where Dr. Jagger resides.

“My dad suffers from dementia and doesn’t remember a lot of people…but he remembered Solomon,” Callahan said.

Pictured: Dr. John Jagger (front row center) and Dr. Solomon Luo (front row right) with family and friends. Photo by Helen’s Photography.


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