Letter: Shame on Bartonville bashers

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Ah, “Freedom of the Press” – Problem with that is when the Press allows individuals, whom are NOT the Press to voice their opinions under the guise of anonymous comments. Yes, this was acceptable at the beginning of the ‘YOU SAID IT!’ format. This format which at one time was rather benign has now become a virtual bashing of the Town of Bartonville and its Mayor and Council Members. Poor losers never win; they obviously have to hide behind anonymous comments, hurtful ones and false ones besides. For shame to those who either do not have a clue of what they are accusing Bartonville of doing or not doing. Methinks its probably just pure ignorance, sour grapes and bad manners besides. Those of us who have lived in this town for many years, have worked and loved it, certainly are more informed, have a stake in it and its future than those who appear to be so disgruntled now that they have to resort to writing “undercover” in a newspaper, and by way of “missiles” forwarded to some of the town’s citizens. Makes one wonder who really writes some of those “jewels.” Certainly can’t be someone who has lived in this town for long or just maybe someone who does? If so, “FOR SHAME.”

Annemarie Moore
Bartonville, TX

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