Foodie Friday: Revisiting the original Foodie Friday spot

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I can’t believe it’s been six months since we started sharing great local spots with you every Friday – time flies when you’re having fun! So, to commemorate such a milestone, we decided to head back to the very first Foodie Friday spot.

The first time we stepped foot in Dolce Italian Cafe and Bakery, it was fairly new to the community and word was just getting out about how good their food really was. I was thoroughly impressed back then with the quality of the food and service of the staff – but this week’s lunch exceeded even that experience!

Owner, Catherine Vexler, has surrounded herself with an incredible team and staff who truly love what they do and the people they serve. General Manager, Jeanette Moore, is constantly out serving customers and chatting with them – catching up with regulars and introducing herself to new customers.

And you can ask any one of the staff a question and they will have a wealth of answers and suggestions for you.

So, how did Dolce come into existence? Vexler was born and raised in Italy and found herself greatly missing authentic Italian food when she moved here. (She said she even had to have care packages flown in from Italy the first few months to help her adjust.) Because she’s always loved to bake breads and cook food herself, she decided the best way to solve the issue would be to open her own restaurant!

Now she shares her authentic Mediterranean-style cooking and family recipes with residents of Flower Mound, Highland Village and the surrounding areas – and we are glad she does!

We enjoyed some awesome food while we were at Dolce today. We first started out with an Antipasto sampler which was served with a variety of pancetta, cheese, grilled vegetables and Crostini. Put it all together, and you end up with some delicious appetizers which just whet your pallet for some more delicious foods.

We took a couple friends/clients with us today (who are regulars of Dolce themselves), and loved that we were all able to order healthy, authentic Italian food. It’s not often you hear the words “healthy” and “Italian” together, but that’s one of the things Vexler loves about her restaurant – that they serve authentic and healthy Mediterranean food.

Between us we ordered a couple of Dolce’s delicious salads, including the Insalata di Cesare which is a traditional Caesar salad with a Dolce twist – they actually grill their romaine lettuce which adds a perfect touch and deepens the flavors of the seasonings. And it’s a HUGE salad. Look at this thing!

I ordered the Tonno salad which is seared Ahi tuna over a bed of mixed greens with tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, fingerling potatoes, roasted asparagus, grilled artichoke hearts, Heirloom vegetables, olives and a red wine vinaigrette. It was simply beautiful to look at and tasted even better!

And Traci ordered the Quattro Formaggi pizza which is a white pizza with Parmegiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, mozzarella and smoked cacciotta topped with fresh herbs.

And we couldn’t leave without trying some of their DELICIOUS pastries and desserts. We first sampled a new item on the menu – the Nutella Blossom (this was only its second weekend on the menu). If you love Nutella, or chocolate or bread or food in general, try this out this weekend! Traci even said she was probably going to get it for her daughter’s birthday cake this year because it was that good.

And then we enjoyed a sampler full of other desserts. Just to highlight a couple – we had a Mascarpone cheesecake which was rich and creamy and simply delicious and the Valentino which is a triple chocolate mousse (dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate) separated by layers of chocolate sponge cake.

I’m so grateful Catherine Vexler decided to bring authentic Italian food and baked goods to our area. If you have not tried out Dolce Italian Cafe and Bakery, you need to get over there this weekend and try it out! It’s the perfect lunch spot, or you can stop in to pick up a loaf of bread and dessert for dinner.

Thank you to everyone who has been loyal to following our Foodie Friday journeys over the last six months. Here’s to six more awesome months full of delicious local food!

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