Foodie Friday: Deliciously savory food in Bartonville

I’m still thinking about all the great food we had this week at our lunch at Savory Bistro in Bartonville Town Center off of FM 407. Partly because I’m still full from all the amazing entrees we tried out!

I actually had the pleasure of dining at Savory Bistro earlier this week for an Argyle networking event and loved it so much I took the whole team back for lunch again the next day!

Savory Bistro has a wonderful contemporary vibe while also feeling incredibly comfortable – the perfect place for a ladies’ lunch out, a romantic dinner, or to celebrate a special occasion!

One of the things I love most about Savory Bistro is the passion the owners and executive chefs have for their restaurant and food in general. And it’s a whole family affair! Annette Doody and her husband co-own the restaurant with their son, Neil, and his wife Jenna, who are co-executive chefs.

Neil guided us through our entire meal this week, serving us some of their most popular and some of their newest dishes. Savory Bistro serves a truly seasonal menu, changing things up 4 times a year to incorporate the freshest and most seasonal ingredients. They also try to get as many ingredients as they can from local sources. For example, all of their Kobe beef comes from Beeman Ranch in Yoakum, Texas. And they also get a lot of their produce from a local farmer who brings his products to the Bartonville Farmers Market every week.

And you could truly taste the quality and passion in each of the dishes we were served. So, let’s get to the meal, shall we?

We were first served a plate of their house-made breads with garlic butter. The breads include a rosemary focaccia and jalapeno corn poppers. Both were so delicious and were really enhanced by the flavor in the garlic butter.

Neil then brought out our first entree of the meal – Korean pork tacos. These were SO GOOD. I absolutely loved the flavor and tenderness of the pork and they also had a subtle heat to them which was awesome. They’re made by smoking the pork for 16 hours and then immersing it in the Korean sauce. Then they serve it on homemade corn tortillas and sprinkle it with some pickled daikons (a Chinese white radish) and green onions. And because the tacos are on the lunch menu, it also comes with a cup of soup or a house or Caesar salad.

I should also mention that Savory Bistro pickles all their own ingredients – including the daikons, some tequila-pickled jalapenos, and pickled grapes!

Next up was the Linguine alla Gricia which was some of their homemade linguine cooked in a fresh-pressed olive oil and rendered out bacon fat. Then it’s tossed with some chiles, tomatoes and arugula. Because the pasta is made at the restaurant, they’re able to achieve a true al dente texture. And the chiles provided great heat to the dish, complemented by the acidity of the tomatoes and the freshness of the arugula.

And our third and final entree was a new dish that Chef Neil will be featuring on their summer menu which debuts next week. It’s their Savory Signature Steak which is a unique cut of a 7 oz. ribeye filet. He’s going to switch it up a little on the menu, but for us it came served with herb and garlic roasted potatoes and asparagus wrapped in Applewood smoked bacon.

I’m also a VERY good husband and got a chicken salad sandwich to go for my wife. It’s one of their most popular menu items and every time we saw a sandwich come out, we drooled a little. Chef Neil said it’s actually so popular that it’s one of the menu items they leave on the menu year-round – they just change up how they serve it a little bit.

And we couldn’t leave without dessert, so we requested some of their chocolate pudding. It’s a pudding served in a jar topped with caramel and sea salt and comes served with a peanut butter cookie. The sweet and salty combination proved to be the perfect dessert and the perfect way to end our meal!

There’s so much great food to try at Savory Bistro and with their new menu debuting next week, now is the perfect time to go check it out! If you just can’t settle on one thing only to order, the great thing is that Savory Bistro also offers great menu items for take-out – including their chicken salad and their homemade pastas for $1.00 per bag.

So, whether you want a nice lunch out or are looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion, Savory Bistro is definitely a must-try! And it’s really not that far off the beaten path for us residents of Flower Mound!

When you go in to try it out, tell Chef Neil and his family I say hello and that you read all about them on the blog. And then let me know what you tried!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend, Foodies! And eat something delicious!

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