Letter: Readers deserve to hear from all candidates

I take offense in the manner that The Cross Timbers Gazette promotes candidates for office.

Earlier this year you ran an article on JW Hand, promoting Mr. Hand for the office of Justice of the Peace. And yes, you were promoting Mr. Hand due to the fact that you did not include an article about Mr. Hand’s opponent just prior to the election and before the next issue of your newspaper. I feel that was intentional.

Given the opportunity, your readers could have had factual information regarding the manner in which the office of the Justice of the Peace is handled by JW Hand and his employees. JW Hand would not have won the election by 1 percent.

You have done the same in the article on Clint Bedsole. There is not an accompanying article regarding others who are seeking this position.

My family has been members of REA/CoServ since 1943. I will rebut every negative statement regarding CoServ made by Bedsole. Mr Bedsole knows nothing of which he made reference to “bad land deals in 2000 brought up the bankruptcy.” This is an incorrect statement as were other statements made by Mr. Bedsole.

It is hard to believe Mr. Bedsole’s statement, “I did not know until we had this power line issue that there was a board that you could vote on.” Many times during the year there is information included in our billing statements explaining various aspects of your rights as a member of CoServ and information regarding the board members. Mr. Weir, you surely displayed shortcomings by not checking out the statements of this candidate.

The current CoServ board members’ terms may average 14 years, but to me this is beneficial. They have served us very well.

You have done your readers a great injustice by not including all candidates in of these articles. I feel this is intentional on your part.

Betty Farmer
Argyle, TX


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