Letter: Rheudasil Park public restrooms bad idea

We need your help to ensure we have a strong turnout next Monday, June 2nd. Talk to your neighbors, fellow dog walkers, and friends. Voice your opinion at Monday’s Flower Mound Town Council meeting as well as emailing/writing your council at [email protected] Tell them NO public bathroom or parking lot at Rheudasil Park. Email them today!

The Flower Mound Town Council will be voting on these four options (summarized): in detail.

1. Build the restroom and fishing pier and planned parking lot

2. Continue with original plan of adding a restroom and proposed amenities to the park. Don’t add the fishing pier.

3. Don’t do the restroom and reallocate the $200,000 to another project (not Rheudasil), or to fund/partially fund some of the residents requests from the November public meeting.

4. Don’t do the restroom, reallocate the $200,000 and then budget additional funds for the resident’s requests that are in excess of the $200,000.

Why so many of us residents are opposed to this:

1. Construction of a bathroom, fishing pier and parking lot are not needed nor wanted while necessary improvements such as dredging the pond, controlling algae, improving lighting, fixing up the sidewalks are being and have been ignored.

2. Open space conservation issues with wildlife and increasing noise, light, and smell pollution.

3. Safety concerns over building a fishing pier without first stabilizing the bank from content erosion.

4. Obstruction of Park area sight lines ruining the parks natural appeal.

5. The lowering of property values especially if something bad or tragically happens in the park.

6. The public restroom will attract negative activity, graffiti and all sorts of illegal behavior. The Rheudasil public restroom will be a breeding ground for all sorts of unwanted sexual behavior. All it will take is one incident to destroy our property values and tarnish our neighborhoods forever. Citizens have already witnessed public sex and drug abuse at the park.

7. The proposed money should and could be used for re-doing the basketball court, updating or replacing the outdated and aging playground equipment. Replacing the picnic tables, and fixing up or replacing the existing pavilion.

Ron Caron
Flower Mound, TX


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