Local entrepreneur profits from simple idea

Rick Hopper has created a simple device that solves a big problem many of us face daily—where to put our glasses when we are not using them.

The California transplant and current southern Denton County resident invented ReadeREST (“Reader Rest”) with the simple goals of making eyeglasses easily accessible, while not having to worry about them cracking or breaking.

“We produce a very popular product that was featured on ABC-TV’s reality show, ‘Shark Tank,’” Hopper said. “We were one of the top grossing products to be featured on the show. We make magnetic eyeglass holders, and we are just growing worldwide with this simple solution.”

Using the power of magnets, the ReadeREST features a magnetized back plate, which is placed behind an article of clothing with a front piece on the outside of the clothing.

The magnets will automatically attach and self-center without poking holes, creating a reliable holder for eyeglasses.

“What we do is solve annoying problems for the average human,” Hopper said. “Right now, the product that is doing that is the ReadeREST, because people lose their glasses constantly, or they fall out of people’s shirt collars and get messed up. We effectively manage people’s eyewear in the simplest way.”

The ReadeREST owner and operator and his wife moved to Lantana one-year ago and have fallen in love with the area and people.

“We wanted to get out of California and Texas was at the very top of my list,” Hopper said. “I went and did some research. We had a friend who lived in Flower Mound who said we needed to live near her. And, just with the distance from the airport and Dallas, this just seemed like a very good spot.”

Hopper said the ReadeREST has received a phenomenal response. He is expecting the product to hit $10 million in sales this summer, after just three years of existence.

“Anyone that tries my product will tell you that they get stopped by strangers every day asking them ‘what is that, and where do I get one?’” Hopper said. “It’s a fun, effective and simple solution to this problem.”

ReadeREST is in about 7,000 stores, ranging from hair salons to hardware stores, because it is a small item that can be merchandized on a counter top.

The Bartonville-based company currently has a promotion where anyone who visits Hopper’s website and purchases a product receives a free ReadeREST.

Visit www.readerest.com or call 866-776-7787 for more information.

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