Tuesday, September 28, 2021

A woman of substance

Have you ever met people who, due to their energy and enthusiasm, made an instant impression on you?

There are people who live life with a contagious intensity that tends to pull others along in their wake. Such personal magnetism is often described as charisma. These are the people who are instantly noticeable when they enter a room; the people who are sought after for advice and leadership. That’s because they’ve already demonstrated the capacity for succeeding in numerous significant pursuits. One such person is Flower Mound resident Lisa Hendrickson, a dynamic young woman with an academic, entrepreneurial and political résumé that would be envied by some of the most seasoned notables in any of those categories.

Ms. Hendrickson first earned an Associates Degree in Business Administration before advancing to a Bachelors Degree in Political Science and Communication and a Masters in Education. During her final year of undergraduate studies, Lisa began working for a U.S. Senator in Montana. Upon graduation she worked for a U.S. Congressman before accepting the position of campaign manager for a local candidate running for the Montana State House. After the successful conclusion of the race, Lisa stepped out of politics for the birth of her son. During her sons early years she began teaching high school and fell in love with her role as educator. Teaching provided and nurtured two of Lisa’s passions, politics and speaking. Following her family’s return to the DFW area Lisa was guided into the world of marketing and public relations. For the last eight years, she has worked in television, product marketing, politics and film, and, in 2013, was about to broaden her career even further.

Now, as co-owner, with her husband Jon, of Inspired Stewardship, a Texas limited liability company; owner of Reigning PR, a brand development firm, and co-owner with her mother of Sweet Peas Treats, a natural foods company that sells an assortment of organic cakes, cookies and other healthy snacks, Lisa continues to put new ideas into action. She and Jon have a son, Joshua, 14, and a daughter, Julianna, 18, who was adopted at 15 from Ukraine. As another important addition to her selfless endeavors, Lisa volunteers with several organizations to combat domestic sex-trafficking and sits on the “Exceptional Women’s” leadership board. Moreover, she is the Vice-President of Flower Mound Area Republican Club, which meets monthly to provide info on political campaigns and allow candidates to engage their opponents in debate forums.

All of the foregoing would be enough to exhaust a long-distance runner. Yet, this indefatigable woman has just started a new venture. Lisa is the President of Ladies of Liberty Republican Women’s Club, a federation of GOP women who actively support worthy candidates, while providing strength and unity for political action. The statewide group, www.tfrw.org, is organized within Texas’ senatorial districts, encourages Republican women to run for office, and provides training to help them become effective in the party. Members will pay dues of $25 annually, some of which will go to support other clubs in the federation. Among its stated goals, TFRW says the club makes it possible for women to influence how local, state, and federal government manages such critical issues as health, crime, education, taxes and financial security.

Lisa and her co-founder, Dr. Jackie Stanfield, a local dentist who is also active in many community events, have put their considerable talents together in order to bring this level of leadership to the women in North Texas. Ladies of Liberty is organized within Senate District 12, represented by Senator Jane Nelson, and it will meet on the third Friday of each month. The group will have their first official meeting at a luncheon, starting at 11:30, on May 16, at Twelve Stones restaurant in Flower Mound. The first speaker at the prestigious kickoff will be none other than Senator Jane Nelson, a legislator who has become a legend in the state because of her strong conservative principles and devotion to the education and health of Texas children.

Senator Nelson will administer the oath of offices for all those taking positions on the board, before addressing the group. Although the club is limited to women members, men can be associate members, albeit they won’t have voting rights. I feel confident that this group will be instantly successful and will have the influence to attract prominent speakers all across the political, business and professional sectors. “The club is about empowering and equipping women to succeed in the political arena,” Ms. Hendrickson said. “For example, if a woman wanted to run for office, the club would sit down with her and get to know who she is, what her strengths are, and how to provide her with the necessary tools to reach her goals,” she added.

Given her energetic personality and her impressive credentials in so many areas of expertise, Lisa is definitely a woman of substance, and the type of person you want on your side if you have challenges to meet. Just getting to know her and be energized by her positive, goal-oriented attitude would be worth the price of admission.  

Bob Weir is a long-time Flower Mound resident and former local newspaper editor. In addition, Bob has 7 published books that include “Murder in Black and White,” “City to Die For,” “Powers that Be,” “Ruthie’s Kids,” “Deadly to Love,” “Short Stories of Life and Death” and “Out of Sight,” all of which can be found on Amazon.com and other major online bookstores.

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