Politicians should walk the walk regarding standardized testing

I just spoke before the Texas Senate’s Committee on Education on April 14th. I simply asked them to take the same test that they require our children to take and make the results public. Just as they require of our schools.

I started a petition to back this up. My petition is nonpartisan and simply and clearly defines my expectations as stated above.

These tests can cause your straight-A student to fail, your child’s teacher to lose their job or take a pay cut and your local school to be deemed a failed school, affecting your property value. These results are uncontestable.  I equated these tests and my petition as a gimmick; this does not decrease the relevance of either.

I asked our elected officials to watch as a child with autism or Down syndrome is given this test and then a child that does not speak English. Then explain the educational value of what they witnessed. The relationship of these children with their teachers is paramount compared to this test.

This is not too much to ask. These are our kids! I truly believe in their potential! Teaching our kids to think is far more important than teaching them to follow!

If we are going to test our children, then make these tests diagnostic and prescriptive in nature, otherwise what is the point?


If any state can change this, it is Texas! I believe in you and your children! Make a stand!

Bret Wooten
Lewisville, TX

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