Flower Mound police to share traffic enforcement on social media

Flower Mound police plan to soon tweet traffic enforcement locations and lead foot drivers may be changing their Facebook status to “It’s complicated” if they don’t pay attention to their speed.

To promote safe driving, Flower Mound police will begin posting on their social media pages where traffic enforcement officers are working starting April 7.

“Our goal, like other agencies that are participating in this program, is to encourage safe driving by communicating with the public,” said Chief of Police Andy Kancel.

“The Flower Mound Police Department is committed to exploring new opportunities to share information with the public. Social Media has been a great avenue for us to share information with residents and we want further enhance that engagement.”

The Police Department will post the directed traffic enforcement locations on the FMPD Facebook page and Twitter account at approximately 7 a.m. each morning. By revealing the locations, motorists have the opportunity to be informed, slow down, and practice safe driving in Flower Mound.

“Our desire is to encourage all motorists to abide by traffic laws and reduce the number of both injury and non-injury crashes,” said Assistant Chief Wendell Mitchell, Operations Bureau. “Although unpopular at times, it is the police department’s responsibility to promote public safety on all Town roadways.”

Last year, Flower Mound police responded to 594 motor vehicle crashes, including one fatality accident and 154 injury accidents.

Although these posted traffic enforcement locations will be the specific areas worked by FMPD Traffic Unit officers, patrol officers will continue to enforce traffic laws in their assigned beats as a component of their normally assigned duties.

Residents who utilize social media are encouraged to follow the Flower Mound Police Department on Facebook and Twitter.  

Officials said that abiding by traffic laws in publicized enforcement areas does not mean motorists are exempt from being stopped for a traffic violation committed outside the posted locations.

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