Double Oak Police Calls

Recent calls reported by the Double Oak Police Department:


01-09-2014  7:49 p.m. – Open Door – 100 blk. Oak Grove Cr.., Double Oak – A witness was checking on a vacant house and found an unsecure door.  Officer checked the residence and determined that there was no criminal activity.

01-10-2014  7:16 p.m. – Ordinance Violation – 200 blk Whistling Duck Ln., Double Oak – Officer made contact with vehicle owners who had parked in the street preventing the passage of emergency or other vehicles.

01-10-2014  12:38 p.m. – Civil Disturbance – 300 blk. Waketon Rd., Double Oak – Complainant was directed to Justice of the Peace Office regarding disputed personal property.

01-10-2014  2:23 p.m. – Suspicious Vehicle – 100 blk. Whistling Duck, Double Oak – A witness reported a suspicious vehicle in their neighborhood.  Further investigation revealed that the drive was in the area to pick up another person.

01-12-2014  3:41 a.m. – Assist Agency (Argyle) – 800 blk. Hwy 377 N., Argyle – Double Oak Officer provided cover during investigation of a traffic stop with multiple subjects.

01-12-2014  12:00 a.m. – Alarm – 200 blk. Timberview Dr., Double Oak – A resident accidentally triggered their residential alarm.

01-13-2014  3:33 p.m. – Identity Theft – 3800 Berry Hill Ct., Double Oak – An unknown person solicited personal information via an online inquiry.

01-14-2014  2:24 p.m. – Solicitor Complaint – 700 blk. Simmons Rd., Double Oak – A passing motorist flagged down a patrol officer and reported door to door salesman without permits.  Officer contacted the salesperson and issued a citation.

01-15-2014  8:57 p.m. – Suspicious Person – 300 blk. Kings Rd., Double Oak – Solicitor found in the vicinity of Twin Lakes Drive and Kings Rd.  Door to door salesman was instructed on procedures for obtaining a permit.  No witnesses were available for reporting officers to issue a citation.

01-16-2014  2:41 p.m. – Alarm – 400 blk. Cross Timbers Dr., Double Oak – Residence was secure.

01-17-2014  2:13 p.m. – Solicitor – 200 blk. Cross Timbers Dr., Double Oak – Adult female going door to door was instructed on how to obtain a solicitors permit.

01-17-2014  8:38 p.m. – Burglary In Progress – 100 blk. Lake Trail Dr., Double Oak – A homeowner returned home to find an open garage door and an interior light on.  Officers  cleared the residence and then stood by while resident checked to see if any household items were missing.  It is believed that a son or housekeeper may have left the residence unsecure.

01-19-2014  11:05 a.m. – Theft of Firearm 100 blk. Lake Trail Dr., Double Oak – A resident reported that a known suspect had taken their gun without permission.

01-19-2014  12:48 a.m. – Ordinance Violation – Oakview Dr., Double Oak – Complainant called regarding a barking dog.  Officer was unable to locate the source of the barking.

01-21-2014  9:49 a.m. – Solicitor – 100 blk. Ridgebriar Ln., Double Oak – Officer dispatched to location regarding door to door solicitation without a permit.  Upon further investigation it was determined that two Jehovah’s Witnesses were going door to door and engaging in protected speech.  No offense.

01-21-2014  11:24 a.m. – Theft of Vehicle – 100 blk. Villa Creek Ln., Double Oak – Officer dispatched regarding a vehicle that had been taken without permission.  Vehicle was later located.

01-24-2014  1:09 p.m. – Credit Card Abuse – 400 blk. Cross Timbers Dr., Double Oak – A resident reported that their credit card had been used without permission to order cookware from an online retailer.

01-25-2014  3:34 a.m. – Suspicious Vehicle – Kings Rd., Double Oak – A witness observed an older model Cadillac leaving a business parking lot at an unusual hour.  Business appeared secure and nothing seemed to be missing.

01-26-2014  8:45 a.m. – Gun Shots – 200 blk. Cross Timbers Dr., Double Oak – A witness reported the sound of gun shots.  Officers from Bartonville and Double Oak responded and were unable to locate anyone shooting a gun.  Further investigation revealed that the noise was probably generated by power company workers having problems with an electrical transformer.

01-26-2014  2:30 a.m. – Car Alarm – 200 blk. Carruth Ln. S., Double Oak – High winds kept triggering a car alarm.  Officer attempted to contact the owner but was unsuccessful.

01-28-2014  11:07 a.m. – Solicitor Complaint – 500 blk. Cross Timbers, Double Oak – A male was contacted going door to door placing flyers on the doors.  Subject was instructed on how to obtain a permit and was issued a warning citation.

01-29-2014  5:03 p.m. – Road Blockage – 7700 blk. FM 407, Double Oak – Construction barrels blew on to FM407 and were removed by the responding officer.

01-30-2014  11:23 a.m. – Alarm – 100 blk. Timberleaf Ct., Double Oak – Residential alarm triggered by high winds.

01-31-2014  11:24 p.m. – Suspicious Vehicle – Whistling Duck and Stags Leap Ln., Double Oak – A witness reported a blue or gray car pulling into and out of multiple driveways.  Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

01-31-2014  3:48 p.m. – Illegal Burning – 200 blk. Fox Trot, Double Oak – Resident burning on a non-burn day.  Subject put the fire out.

01-31-2014  6:00 p.m. – Suspicious Person – Waketon Rd., Double Oak – A witness reported a bald man standing on Waketon Rd. with a gun in his hand.  Double Oak and Flower Mound units responded and were unable to locate the subject.

02-03-2014  10:05 a.m. – Solicitor Complaint – 800 blk. Cross Timbers Dr., Double Oak – Officer was notified by telephone of possible door to door salesman.  Upon further investigation it was determined that the subjects were two males from a local church going door to door preaching.

02-03-2014  11:00 a.m. – Street Blockage – 600 blk. Simmons Rd., Double Oak – Officer received a report of two trucks blocking an intersection on Simmons.  Officer made contact with the construction crew and they moved the delivery truck.

02-04-2014  11:19 a.m. – Suspicious Activity – 100 blk. Creekside Dr., Double Oak – Complainant reported an unusual phone call in which a stranger was requesting personal financial information.

02-06-2014  1:45 p.m. – Suspicious Activity – 200 blk. Meadowknoll, Double Oak – Unknown person called the complainant’s residence claiming to be a grandson who was in jail and needed bond money.  Further research by the complainant determined that the phone call was being generated out of Canada.  It is important to note that this particular scam is a popular way to defraud caring older people.

02-07-2014  11:03 a.m. – Suspicious Activity – 200 blk. Rancho Vista Dr., Double Oak – A resident reported an unfamiliar person and vehicle parked in their neighborhood.  Upon further investigation it was determined to be a young man waiting for his grandmother to arrive home.

02-08-2014  8:17 a.m. – Traffic Complaint – 7700 blk. FM 407, Double Oak – Temporary stop sign in the wrong location and causing traffic problems on FM407.

02-09-2014  3:17 a.m. – Minor Accident – 100 blk. Chapel Hill Dr., Double Oak – Motorist accidentally ran over a mailbox.

02-09-2014  12:58 p.m. – Animal Complaint – 6200 blk. Kings Rd., Double Oak – Complainant reported neighbor’s dog acting aggressively and entering her property.  Officer made contact with the dog’s owner.

02-13-2014  10:33 a.m. – Assist Fire Department – 100 blk. Kings Rd., Double Oak – Adult fell inside their residence and required assistance.

02-13-2014  10:45 a.m. – Assist Fire Department
– 1800 blk. E. FM407, Bartonville – Call broadcast about possible need for CPR.  Officers responded with an automatic defibrillator and remained on scene until cleared by fire personnel.

02-13-2014  1:16 p.m. – Animal Complaint – 300 blk. Highland Ct., Double Oak – Complaint regarding an aggressive dog at large.  Animal control was notified and officers herded the dog to its side of the fence. 

02-13-2014  10:33 a.m. – Medical Call  – 100 blk. Kings Rd.., Double Oak – Adult male had fallen. 

02-13-2014  10:45 a.m. – Medical Call – 1800 blk. F.M. 407, Bartonville – Report of adult male requiring C.P.R.  Argyle Fire District took command of event.

02-13-2014  1:16 p.m. – Ordinance Violation – 300 blk. Highland Ct., Double Oak – A resident reported being charged by an aggressive dog.  Officers responded and secured the dog in the backyard and reported event to animal control.

02-15-2014  8:04 a.m. – Abandoned Vehicle – F.M. 407 and Chinn Chapel, Double Oak – A vehicle with four flat tires was found in a local vendor’s parking lot.  Vehicle was later removed.

02-16-2014  1:29 p.m. – Residential Alarm – 300 blk. Meadowknoll, Double Oak – No criminal activity noted.

02-16-2014  2:37 p.m. – Assist Agency Traffic Stop – 500 blk. Branch Crossing, Bartonville – Provided cover to Bartonville officer during traffic stop that resulted in a vehicle search.

02-16-2014  4:24 p.m. – Assist Agency Sheriffs Department – 8400 blk. Jefferson Way, Lantana – Officer provided cover for deputy at the scene of a disturbance until more resources arrived.

02-17-2014  4:22 a.m. – Death Investigation – 100 blk. N. Forest Ln., Double Oak – Double Oak adult female resident passed away from long term illness.

02-17-2014  10:55 a.m. – Disturbance – 700 blk. Cross Timbers Dr., Double Oak – Adult male involved in verbal disturbance with family.  Subject left the residence prior to law enforcement arrival.

02-17-2014  7:06 p.m. – Assist Agency – 100 blk. Cedarcrest Ln., Double Oak – Provided traffic control for Argyle Fire Department while they repaired a fire truck.

02-18-2014  6:47 p.m. – Major Accident – 7700 blk. Justin Rd., Double Oak – Vehicle accident resulting in road obstruction.

02-18-2014  10:25 p.m. – Assist Agency Disturbance – Officer dispatched to help Argyle PD with a family disturbance.

02-20-2014  2:12 p.m. – 9-1-1 Hangup – 400 blk. Simmons, Double Oak – Cleaning person on scene unsure how 9-1-1 was dialed.

02-21-2014  4:05 p.m. – Grass Fire – 100 blk., Hollow Oak Ct., Double Oak – Multiple residents reported a grass fire.  Fire Department arrived on scene and doused the lot.

02-22-2014  9:49 a.m. – Suspicious Person – 100 blk. Eagles Peak Ln., Double Oak – Resident reported an unknown person delivering flowers in regards to a death in the family.  Subject did not know the name of the deceased.  Resident was concerned about a possible scam.  Subject left the area prior to law enforcement arrival.

02-22-2014  10:56 a.m. – Residential Alarm – 600 blk. Simmons, Double Oak – Alarm accidentally triggered due to contractor work.

02-23-2014  2:10 p.m. – Traffic Complaint – 300 Oak Trail, Double Oak – Complaint about go cart being driven on street in vicinity of Oak Trail.  

02-23-2014  10:46 p.m. – Suspicious Person – 100 blk. Trailing Oaks, Double Oak – Unknown male in red shirt knocking on front door.  Subject departed prior to officer arrival.

02-24-2014  1:26 p.m. – Suspicious Activity – 100 blk. E. View Ct., Double Oak – A concerned citizen had questions regarding the rumor of unknown persons kicking in front doors, entering homes and shooting family dogs.  This has not happened in Double Oak and to the best of our knowledge has not happened anywhere in Denton County. 

02-24-2014  2:14 p.m. – Suspicious Activity – 100 blk. Cedarcrest Ln., Double Oak – A resident reported that an unknown person had entered his backyard by climbing a fence and attempted to gain entry to the house.  Subject left when he realized home was occupied by a house sitter. Time delay on the report was approximately ten days. Please don’t hesitate to dial 9-1-1 and report unknown persons on your property.


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