Letter: Why not Filidoro for JP?

Al Filidoro is not the first notable politician to effectively switch political parties during the course of his or her career.  The following individuals also switched form Democrat to Republican: Ronald Regan, Condoleezza Rice, Rick Perry, Strom Thurmond, Susana Martinez, Michael Bloomberg, Jesse Helms, Elizabeth Dole, Theodore Roosevelt started the Progressive Party and Lincoln Chafee became an independent, so what is the point. It appears Filidoro has put himself in some pretty good company.  These people are all leaders of their state or our country and saw that it was necessary to work outside the box rather than hide in it.  Besides, Al Filidoro has been a Republican for over 25 years and his voting record bears that out.  Strong leaders with positive direction who are dependable, reliable, have vision, move forward and are not afraid to take an unfavorable position are far and few between and hard to find.  So he took a position on gas pumps and oil wells, it will be years before we know if he was actually right.  One could almost say that he lost his last election because only his opponents voted. The people of Flower Mound should really internalize what is happening when only 3,508 of 42,913 or 8.17% of the voters decide critical issues for the entire population.  At least Filidoro appears to care while 92% of Flower Mound is hiding in the box. So, why not Filidoro for JP? At least he gives a damn and there is no question where he stands.

Gene Svatek
Strongsville, OH

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