Letter: Bartonville Water Tower – Who’s Misleading Who?

The North Bartonville Citizens Association ad published in the January issue of The Cross Timbers Gazette is a misleading mix of fiction and political posturing.

Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation (CTWSC) provides water to serve the needs of our Members.  Here are the only facts you need to know:

NBCA Fiction: The water tower is not needed…Not required…Never was.

The Facts:

•    Two registered professional engineers have confirmed that a second elevated water tank is needed. 

•    In 2010, Kerry D. Maroney, P.E., of Biggs & Mathews, Inc., after modeling the CTWSC system, determined a second elevated water tank was needed.  Mr. Maroney is the engineer for both Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation and for Argyle Water Supply Corporation, which serves many of the NBCA members.  Argyle Water Supply Corporation is served by three water towers.  Have any of the NBCA members protested that they are served by too many water towers?

•    In 2010, The Town of Bartonville asked its own engineering firm to review Mr. Maroney’s determination.  At the conclusion of this review, Scott Wilhelm, P.E., of Teague Nall and Perkins, Inc. concluded a second tower was warranted.

•    Also in 2010, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality approved the proposed elevated storage tank for construction.

•    Almost four years since two engineers have confirmed the need for a water tower and the TCEQ has approved it for construction, the NBCA argument that a second water tower is not needed has yet to be supported by a single qualified professional engineer.  Their arguments are strictly “all hat and no cattle.”

It is absurd to believe CTWSC’s Board of Directors would be willing to go through the bureaucratic red tape, delays, and cost of litigation to build something that is not necessary.  The Board of Directors is elected by and composed of members like you and their only goal is to ensure that the Membership has a safe and adequate supply of water.  The longer these delays go on, the longer it will be before the Membership is assured of a safe and adequate supply of water.

Patrick McDonald, President
Cross Timbers Water Supply Corporation
Argyle, TX


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