Bartonville Police Report

Bartonville Police Officers responded to 72 calls for service and issued 32 citations and 36 warning citations during the month of December. Officers investigated three vehicle crashes in Bartonville.

Assist Agency Calls – Officers responded to four assist other agency calls.

Domestic Dispute – Officers responded to two domestic dispute calls.

False Alarm- Officers responded to 10 burglar alarm calls.  All 10 were false alarms.  

No Driver License/Drive While License Invalid – Officers cited two motorists with no driver license or an invalid driver license.  

Little Free Library – Please continue to visit the Little Free Library in the Town Hall Parking lot.  Take a book or two and tell your friends and neighbors about the program.

Below is a small sampling of calls for service:

Missing Person – A local person reported a family member missing. The missing person was recently located by the Bartonville PD officer assigned to the case. The officer was able to develop several leads that led him to the missing person’s location.

Skateboarders on FM 407 – A caller reported several juveniles skateboarding on FM 407. The responding officer was unable to locate the skateboarders.

Suspicious Vehicle – A citizen reported a suspicious vehicle driving slowly up and down the street. An officer located the vehicle. The driver was looking for an address to make a delivery. The driver was issued citations for no driver license and no insurance.  

Civil Matter – A person came to the PD office needing help with a car ownership problem. There was a dispute over ownership of a vehicle two people had purchased together as an investment. The person was not a Bartonville resident and the problem did not occur in Bartonville. The officer was able to refer the person to the correct jurisdiction.

Forgery/Fraud – An officer assisted a resident with a fraud complaint. The resident was concerned for an elderly family member who may have been a victim of fraud in another jurisdiction.

Domestic Dispute – Officers responded to three separate domestic or family disputes. None involved any type of assault or other criminal offense.

Dog Bite – A delivery driver reported a dog bite on Christmas Eve. The victim was making a delivery to a residence. The bite injury was minor. Animal bites are reported to the police or the Animal Control Officer, Brian Hall, for investigation.

911 Hang-up – Officers responded to several 911 calls in the area near the Jeter Rd./McMakin Rd. intersection. These calls were spread over several days and were due to equipment malfunction. The malfunction also caused several burglar alarms to go off. The telephone company was notified.

Ice Storm – Officers responded to several stranded motorist calls when vehicles slid off the road due to the icy conditions. Officers were able to help a few get out and some were given a ride to their destination to get them out of the weather. The wait for a tow truck was as long as 6 hours.

Suspicious Circumstance – An officer observed a vehicle parked blocking a gas well entrance road after dark. A brief investigation revealed the occupants were not engaged in any criminal activity but due to their ages their parents were called. The parents came to the location and took custody of the occupants.

Loud Music – A citizen reported loud music on Christmas Eve. The responding officer had a difficult time locating the source due to the large size of the neighboring properties. The officer finally located the source and the music was turned off. The loud music could be heard from more than a quarter of a mile away.

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