Letter: Flores goes above and beyond

Over the past few years I have noticed how our Lantana Facebook page will blow up when things happen. Last year a child was hit by a car and we were all fortunate that everything was okay. I remember how many in our community were upset with our elected officials because they did not feel the Water District was doing enough to protect our children. I have served on the Safety Committee and have worked with our elected officials to try and do my part to help and give back. I love this community, I have children in the community, and I want to keep it a safe and enjoyable place to live.

I noticed a change in our community a short time ago. When Jesse Flores became our Precinct 1 Constable great progress for Lantana began. My child goes to E.P. Razor and most mornings I see Jesse along with his deputies directing traffic for our children. I see him at our schools in Lantana at functions. My children played i9 sports and I would see Jesse in uniform at the games. Jesse has made an impact in our community that I fear many may let go unnoticed.

We live in a world where we have to worry about crazy people shooting up schools, we live in a community where we have had issues with children getting to and from school safely, and we live in an area where other police departments are complaining about how Lantana is a drain on crime prevention resources. All of these items are real and they all impact Lantana.

If you watch the debate you will hear Jesse’s opponent say that he believes a Constable’s place is in the office. You can clearly hear Jesse tell you that his office can and will do more than just serve warrants or papers. His commitment to go above and beyond what is “inside the box” in order to help our community and our families and our children could not be clearer.

I urge you to do your part to vote in this primary and keep Jesse Flores as our Constable. As a community we can be quick to get upset at elected officials when they let us down but we also owe it to ourselves and our families to do our part and participate in the process and keep those elected officials who go above and beyond in office.

Please take the 15 minutes needed in the next election to vote for the guy who requires his guys to go to the schools and be involved in our community! Let’s keep this valuable resource in our community.

Jimmy Bridges
Lantana, TX

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