Letter: Filidoro holds true to conservative values

Al Filidoro has been a friend of mine since the seventh grade.  We have known each other these many years.  The folks in your precinct couldn’t elect a better man than Al for Justice Of The Peace.  Al is a fair man, with a good heart for people.

I know he is running for this office for the same reason I am an elected official here in Ohio.  He makes his living there, and is trying to give something back to the community.

As a member of the Central Committee of the Republican Party of Hamilton County, Ohio, and a Harrison City Councilman, I know that Al holds true to conservative values.

Now I’m no expert at law, and I am certainly not an expert on what is going on in your community down in Texas, but I DO know Al Filidoro.  I know he will act in a fair manor, treating people like he wants to be treated.  I know he shares our conservative values.  I know Al is a patriot.  AND, I know Al will give it all he has, that’s his way, as evidenced by his campaign.

I know that Al believes, as I do, that if good people don’t run for office, then we end up with the alternative.  Thinking about it, and talking about it are interesting perspectives, but DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT is Al’s way.  Hence, the Filidoro for Justice Of The Peace campaign.

Randy L. Shank
Harrison City Councilman
Hamilton County Republican Party Precinct Executive
Harrison, OH

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