Letter: Filidoro has heart for community

I have had the opportunity to meet Al Filidoro and was immediately struck by his interest in people. His neighboring people.  Al has devoted his life to civic service and serving his community, which is something I greatly admire,  particularly after seeing the way some segments of our community have lashed out at those who are courageous enough to enter the civic circle of politics.  Clearly, in Flower Mound, public service is not for the faint of heart.

Prior to, and after, serving the Town of Flower Mound on the Town Council, Al Filidoro has operated quite under the radar by supporting battered women’s shelters, charitable organizations and promoting breast cancer awareness.  Al also sets aside a large part of his legal practice in representing abused spouses and families in crisis who don’t have the funds to seek representation but need it nonetheless. 

For me the true measure of character is not only how you serve but whom you serve. To serve one’s country or community in a uniform takes a certain amount of dedication and calling. These roles are evident in our community as we see first responders or soldiers in our midst in their uniforms. This is a reminder for us that our safety is at the expense of someone else’s sacrifices.  But to serve your community in an inauspicious manner, one in which little fanfare or recognition is lauded, should be equally revered for it is the spirit of the volunteer, the heart of the volunteer that is on display here. 

Al Filidoro is such a man.  Few people attain the level of education of becoming an attorney, and fewer still give of themselves back to their community after having done so. These people are not afforded an additional luxury in more time in which to volunteer; they have the same amount of time we are all given every day. The difference is how they choose to spend that time.  Mr. Filidoro has invested much time and support in our community, many local agencies, and organizations, in addition to working long work weeks. His community is that important to him. And I find him to be a person who has exhibited traditional Republican values, which is also very important in the people that I choose to support for public office.

Mr. Filidoro is now running for Justice of the Peace against an established incumbent. One whose record is what it is– a fair number of his decisions having been overturned over the years which begs the question “Why?” As the office of Justice of the Peace serves my community, it occurred to me it would be best to have someone who is not a part of the status quo.  One who has a background in legal matters and is an established mediator who will bring about better decisions and thus fewer decisions being overturned. This is only common sense.

For these many reasons, I am proud to endorse Al Filidoro for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4, and urge all of my friends and neighbors to join me in voting for Al Filidoro on March 4, 2014 in the Republican Primary.

Gerald Hand
Flower Mound, TX

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