Letter: Vote for experience

I’m writing today about my husband, Johnny Hammons.  He is running for the office of Denton County Constable Pct 1.  Johnny has the experience, knowledge, honesty and integrity that this office deserves.  Johnny worked for Constable Jim Dotson for almost 10 years.

After Constable Dotson’s death an appointment had to be made.  The appointment was Jesse Flores, a 20 year law enforcement officer who had NO civil process experience.  Now, I’m unclear how someone is chosen to such a vital and important position that has no experience, but it happened. 

Now for the scary part, another Constable’s office had been serving the Pct 1 papers even into December.  Why?  Constable Flores retained three seasoned officers who have civil process experience.  One of the three was the Chief Deputy.  Surely one of these three officers could figure out how to serve the civil papers in their own office. 

Johnny Hammons is the best choice for Denton County because he knows the office, he is proficient in serving civil process papers and he knows what it takes to run an office of such importance.  Johnny will be a full time Constable who will focus on serving the court documents in a timely and professional manner.  There will not be any other Constable’s office serving Pct 1 papers. 

Denton County deserves better, the taxpayers deserve better and we as citizens deserve better.  We deserve Johnny Hammons to be our next Denton County Constable Pct 1.  I am asking for your vote on March 4th.  Help Johnny restore honesty and integrity to the Constable’s office and bring back the professional and efficient office it once was.

Shelli Hammons
Denton, TX


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