Letter: Hammons best man for the job

I am writing in reference to Johnny Hammons, candidate for Denton County Precinct 1 Constable. I have known Johnny Hammons and his family for more than 20 years. As a friend I have always known Johnny to be honest, trustworthy, and loyal. As a family man I know Johnny to be a loving and dedicated husband, father, grandfather, son, and brother. There isn’t a person in Denton County, who truly knows Johnny, who can say any less of him. I believe Johnny possesses the qualities any county would be honored to have in a Constable.

As a former Denton County businesswoman, I dealt closely with the law enforcement community. As in most counties, Denton has had its share of unethical members of that community. But Johnny Hammons IS NOT one of them. Johnny conducts himself with the upmost in professionalism and ethics. He is not a part, nor has he ever been a part, of the “old boy network”. Johnny believes in upholding the law no matter who, or what, you are.

Johnny Hammons resume is very simple. He is a lifelong resident of Denton County, with 20 plus years in law enforcement. Johnny is passionate about his family, the law, God, and Elvis. Johnny isn’t a politician, he’s a lawman. Do the people of Denton County want a politician for a Constable? NO! They want a proven lawman that will enforce the laws of the State of Texas and Denton County without regard to upsetting big money supporters.


Voters in Precinct 1, when you go to the polls in March cast your ballot for Johnny Hammons and you can feel confident that you have voted for the best man for the job.

Becky Lloyd
The Woodlands, TX

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