Letter: Keep honesty and integrity in constable’s office

I would like to take this opportunity to write a letter to the citizens of Denton County on behalf of my late husband Jim Dotson. As you are all aware Jim passed away December 19, 2013. He served as Constable for four terms (16 years). I know firsthand that Jim took great pride in serving the county. He made Constable Pct. 1 the leading office and set an example for other precincts to follow.

Following Jim’s death, Jesse Flores was appointed Constable by the Republican Party. Upon my request, some accomplishments Jesse Flores has achieved during his tenure include:

1.    Acquired body armor for the deputies in the office for officer safety.

2.     Implemented advanced training for all deputies. Constable Flores has the goal of having all deputies certified in Advanced Civil process, which he and another deputy have already done.

3.    Changed the scheduling of officers to allow later coverage in the evenings, without creating an overtime burden.

4.    Provided Deputies with body cameras (through donation) to ensure professionalism and to provide evidentiary documentation.

5.    Constable Flores has been very conscientious to attend school zones where they lack traffic enforcement.

6.    Acquired 2 bicycles as a donation to provide bicycle patrol in neighborhoods in the unincorporated areas to deter theft. 

7.    Implemented a school safety program in elementary schools in Precinct 1.

8.    Constable Flores has made many of the changes through the use of charitable donations and seeking grants.

These are just a few of the accomplishments that Constable Flores has achieved since he was appointed Constable May 7, 2013.

I look forward in the years to come to maintain a close relationship with Constable Jesse Flores and the Constable Pct. 1 office. I feel Constable Flores follows closely in the footsteps of my late husband. I am positive Jim would have supported him and approved of his leadership and respect for Constable Pct. 1.

With this being said, I am supporting Constable Flores in his upcoming election. I am asking that you cast your vote in the March primary for Jesse Flores. Let’s keep the honesty and integrity that my late husband Jim was so dedicated to by electing Jesse Flores as your next Constable. 

Barbara Dotson
Denton, TX


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