Letter: Flores is best choice for constable

Constable Jesse Flores is running to maintain his position as Denton County Constable, Precinct 1 in the March 4 Republican Primary.  He drew an opponent who has been attacking his integrity and training. His opponent is a former disgruntled employee and is misleading many citizens that he is qualified to be the Constable for Precinct 1.

Constable Flores’ opponent had no intention to support him as the Constable. He was attempting to undermine Flores’ authority with other deputies in the office. Constable Flores fully reevaluated the staff and learned his opponent was a substandard employee and caused bad moral in the office with his fellow employees. Constable Flores was not going to tolerate this type of conduct. Constable Flores believes the citizens in Denton County and his staff deserve the utmost professionalism.

Former Denton County Sheriff Benny Parkey is endorsing Flores’ opponent to be the Constable, supposedly based on his experience.  What is ironic is his opponent applied numerous times with the Denton County Sheriff Department while Parkey was Sheriff and was turned down. So if his opponent was not good enough to be a jailer, bailiff or deputy for former Sheriff Parkey, then why is his opponent good enough to be a Constable?

You never hear those supporting Flores’ opponent express his qualifications other than working in the Constables office for 10 years.  How many of us know substandard employees that have managed to do the bare minimum maintain their jobs. Time alone is not a qualifier.

Flores’ opponent has applied with other law enforcement agencies and been turned down as well. If he cannot be hired at entry level positions, how can he be qualified to manage the office?

My fellow citizens, we should expect our peace officers and elected officials to live an exemplary life.  The State of Texas has rules and regulations which prevent those with sullied pasts to be certified as peace officers. You need to investigate your candidates. I suggest based on today’s standards, Constable Flores’ opponent would not meet the qualifications of being a peace officer and his only hope to do so is if he tricks citizens into electing him. We deserve the best. Constable Flores is the only candidate to give us that.

Thomas Tourk
Highland Village, TX


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