Sheriff updates Lantana officials on crime trends

As quiet and peaceful as Lantana tends to be, there are still frequent visits from Denton County Sheriff’s deputies responding to calls for service.

Sheriff Will Travis updated fresh water supply district board members on crime trends in Lantana at their Dec. 11 meeting.

Overall, crime rates remain low in Lantana compared to other fresh water districts in Denton County, according to Travis.

Out of a total of 2,748 calls for service in Lantana last year, there were 13 burglary reports and 27 theft reports.

Travis said that most burglaries involved items being taken from a garage or outbuilding and not actual home break-ins.

There were 18 solicitor complaints and 117 suspicious person/vehicle/activity reports in Lantana last year.

“We see solicitors as being a problem because so many of them have criminal backgrounds so we stop and ID them,” said Travis.

Travis said that his department is spending a lot of time responding to false residential alarm calls, which diverts deputies from actual emergencies and other legitimate calls for service. There were 623 audible alarm calls in Lantana last year.

“Mom and dad will be coming back in the house to get the kids something and they forget to turn off the alarm. We get several of those a morning,” said Travis. “We are also responding to a lot of panic alarms which mostly end up being medical emergency calls.”

Travis said that the sheriff’s department is looking into instituting a county alarm ordinance that would trigger a fine after three false alarms.

Travis told board members that his department is working to stay visible by patrolling in Lantana as much as possible.

As of early December, 68 traffic citations were issued in Lantana during 2013, and Travis said that many of the citations involved commercial vehicles that had safety violations such as missing brake lights.

Denton County Sheriff’s Office Calls for Service to Lantana in 2013:

Abandoned Vehicle 10
Abdominal Pain Problems 2
Administrative Duty 46
Administrative Me 2
Agency Assist 112
Alarm Audible 623
Alarm Carbon Monoxide 12
Alarm Fire 27
Alarm Medical 24
Alarm Panic 25
Alarm Silent 2
Allergies 3
Animal Bite Attacks 2
Animal Bite Report 13
Animal Complaint 125
Animal Cruelty Report 2
Assault Or Sexual Assault 4
Assault Report 5
Back Pain 2
Breathing Problems 9
Building Check 8
Burglary In Progress 4
Burglary Report 13
Carbon Monoxide Or Hazmat 17
Cardiac Or Resp Arrest 5
Chest Pain 9
Choking 5
Citizen Assist 16
Civil Service 22
Close Patrol 224
Convulsions Seizures 5
Criminal Mischief In Progress 5
Criminal Mischief Report 23
Criminal Trespass In Progress 6
Criminal Trespass Report 2
Diabetic Problems 2
Disturbance 20
Disturbance Domestic 17
Disturbance Verbal 5
Drowning 2
Emergency Message 2
Falls 20
Fd Inspection 1
Fight In Progress 1
Fire Control Burn 1
Fire Illegal Burn 1
Fire Smoke Investigation 7
Fire Structure 48
Fire Test Call No Dispatch 3
Fire Unknown 2
Fire Vehicle 2
Fireworks Complaint 6
Fm Inspection 2
Follow Up Investigation 28
Forgery Fraud 42
Found Property 5
Gun Shots Heard 3
Hang Up 911 29
Harassment Report 25
Headache 1
Heart Problems 5
Heat Cold Exposure 2
Hemorrhage Lacerations 3
Indecent Exposure 1
Intoxicated Person 4
Juvenile Complaint 18
Law Test Do Not Dispatch 1
Loose Livestock 3
Medical Emergency 1
Meet Complainant 17
Missing Person 6
Motorist Assist 12
Narcotics 5
Noise Complaint 42
Odor Investigation 4
Open Door 7
Overdose Poisoning 8
Person With A Gun 3
Prowler 3
Psych Or Suicide Attempt 15
Reckless Driver 7
Road Blockage Hazard 12
Sick Person 11
Solicitor Complaint 18
Special Patrol 72
Stab Gunshot 2
Stroke 2
Suspicious Activity 34
Suspicious Person 25
Suspicious Vehicle 58
Terroristic Threat Report 8
Theft In Progress 2
Theft Report 27
Traffic 254
Traffic Complaint 56
Traffic Transport Incident 57
Traumatic Injuries 7
Unconscious Fainting 19
Vacation Watch 8
Vehicle Complaint 40
Vehicle Unlock 6
Walk Thru 5
Warrant Investigation 8
Warrant Service 3
Water Main Break 2
Welfare Concern 28

Total: 2,748

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