Letter: Miller has heart for children

Tracy and Melissa have been an integral part of my life for over 20 years.  So much as it has made me into the women, mother, and wife I am today.  I met Tracy when I was 14 when I started babysitting their 14 month old daughter.   Over the course of two years I would babysit often and get to know his family and even feel a part of it.  The dynamics of my home life were not ideal for a young girl.  When I was 16 I was “in between” homes.  My belongings were in my car and I would spend time between two friend’s homes.  When I wasn’t eating meals with my friend’s families I was eating crackers.  The summer before my 17th birthday Tracy and Melissa asked if I wanted to live with them.  Yes!!  Please!! 

Moving in with this young family was life changing for me.  Before that summer my only goal was to survive.  I had no direction, no clue who I was or where I belonged, no idea how to study, I didn’t know how a family was supposed to work, and most importantly I didn’t know what it was like to feel safe.  I had zero sense of security.  The experiences I gained while living with the Millers are invaluable.  There was a mom and dad in the home together.  We ate meals together.  I had help with homework.  I was given rules!!!  Something I never had.  Not only did I have rules I was expected to follow them and there were consequences if I didn’t.  Most teenagers hated rules; I loved them and craved them.  I did test my limits like all teenagers, but I learned that was not in my best interest.  My studies needed a major overhaul.  Good study habits were instilled and for the first time since early grade school I was making “A’s” and “B’s.” at Marcus High School.  This boosted my self-esteem.  I was told that I am beautiful and smart and told I was loved on a regular basis. 

My time with them ended earlier than we all wanted when Tracy’s job moved his family temporarily out of state and I went to live with my mom.  After living with such an amazing family I knew my life could be whatever I wanted it to be.  I learned many valuable life lessons and learned who I was in the year I lived with Tracy and Melissa.  Going into my adulthood, when I was faced with a problem of any kind I would look back on the tools they gave me.  I don’t know how I was so blessed to have such an amazing “other family” but I sure do thank my lucky stars they are in my life forever.  It took me years to feel deserving of good events or good people.  They gave me that in all the years since the time I was a little, lost girl. 

The parents and students in LISD are deserving of Tracy, his knowledge and his genuine care for children.   They deserve to have such an amazing man on their side, fighting for the best of the district’s students.  As a mother of three married to a public school teacher in Keller, and given my personal experience with Tracy, and I can truly say that Tracy is deserving of the position to represent you and our children as I know firsthand what he has to offer.

Reannan McDaniel
Saginaw, TX

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