Consider financial impact when casting vote for trustee

There is a very important election November 5, and early voting starts Monday, October 21.  Voters will decide on important changes to the Texas Constitution, changes in city ordinances and special taxing jurisdictions.  But, one of the most important items on this ballot is that of a Special Election to fill the Place 3 School Board Trustee position.

A Board of Trustees for a school district is responsible for hiring, evaluating and dismissal of the Superintendent, approving the budget for the district, establishing goals and evaluating these goals, setting and evaluating policies, final say in employee and student grievances and communicating with the community.  Trustees do not receive compensation for carrying out these duties.

The current budget for LISD is $405,806,626.  If you live within LISD, you help pay for this budget via property taxes.  Even if you rent, your rent includes what the landlord has to pay in property taxes. The stores and restaurants you frequent add this property tax into the cost of their goods and services. The Trustee for the LISD is responsible for ensuring stable finances for the district and its employees. That person must provide prudent oversight.  Getting the absolute most for every tax penny collected requires good stewards. 

This special election for Board of Trustee, Place 3, affects everyone immediately because your taxes are raised or lowered annually depending on decisions made by the Trustees  The rate of taxation and the quality of the schools have a direct impact on the resale value of your home or business property. 

Do you care?  Hopefully, you do!  So, take five minutes to vote during early voting (October 21 through November 1) or participate on Election Day, November 5.  Again, school taxes affect us all.  Whether you have children in school or not, filling the Place 3 position with a solid conservative affects the percentage of property taxes you are charged. 

The community is only as great as the school district and the Place 3 Trustee position will have an impact on continuing the LISD pursuit of excellence for generations to come.  Educating the leaders of tomorrow takes good leadership today.

Brenda Latham
Lewisville, TX


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