Master plan feedback to be discussed

Flower Mound’s Master Plan reviews have traditionally involved discord, contentious public meetings and extended timelines. However, the current review, “Our Master Plan: Strengthening the Vision,” a community-driven initiative which began on August 5, has been orderly and productive.

Four areas of focus were selected for review: the Lakeside area in far southern Flower Mound; the Cross Timbers Conservation Development (CTCD) and Denton Creek areas in western Flower Mound; and the FM 2499 corridor north of FM 1171 to Dixon Lane.

The colorful signs announcing the review can be seen throughout town.  Residents have been invited to give their input via multiple options, including a dedicated Facebook page with more than 350 followers. Invitations to attend public meetings held on September 19 and 21 were sent to more than 3,000 randomly selected residents.

“The Master Plan is about what kind of community our residents want to live in,” said Mayor Tom Hayden.  “The council’s goal is to make sure everyone has a chance to participate.  Our staff has worked hard to make that happen.”

The public meetings were attended by over 130 people and they were given the opportunity to participate in a live survey via smart phones, tablets or computer.  Survey questions were developed based on feedback and questions previously gathered from residents.  Residents were also given time to ask questions and give opinions.

In general, the meetings were quiet by Flower Mound standards.

Kristi Hassett, a long time resident, thinks the meetings provided a great overview. “It was a great tool to discuss the information on the website, especially the 2006 study on the CTCD area.”

One resident expressed frustration that there were no survey questions related to limiting multifamily housing.

When asked about the lack of options limiting multifamily residential, Director of Strategic Services Tommy Dalton pointed out the options presented were about residential housing in general and not about specific types of residential options.  All resident concerns will be reflected in the final presentation of the communities input.

“The process is not about identifying exact changes to be made,” said Dalton, “It just helps us figure out what our homework is.”

While various opinions were expressed in the results of the survey conducted during the meetings, there was general support for exploring additional ways the current vision of the Master Plan could be achieved within each of the focus areas.

In the Lakeside Business District, interest was expressed in allowing limited residential housing that supports the vision for robust business development.  The Master Plan currently does not allow any residential housing outside of the mixed-use area of Lakeside DFW located west of FM 2499 and north of Grapevine Lake.

Residents seem open to allowing additional flexibility in lot sizes if the flexibility improves conservation of the area’s unique characteristics in the Cross Timbers Conservation Development area. Currently, the Master Plan requires two-acre minimum lot sizes or one-acre minimum lots if 50-percent of the property is set aside for conservation.

Feedback on the Denton Creek Area was generally supportive of the current plan.  Residents indicated support for potentially adding limited flexibility along the FM 2499 corridor, while maintaining the current vision.

“This process is about finding where residents agree and giving council feedback on what direction the community is comfortable pursuing,” said Doug Powell, executive director of Planning.

The community’s feedback will be presented at a joint work session of the Town Council and the Planning and Zoning commission this Thursday, Oct. 17, at Flower Mound Town Hall, 2121 Cross Timbers Rd.  At that time, it is expected the Town Council will give direction on the next steps to be taken.

More information can be found on the “Our Master Plan” website at

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