Argyle Police Blotter

The following is a summary of incident reports recently made to the Argyle Police Department as compiled by the staff of The Cross Timbers Gazette:

A Corral City man told police that his soon-to-be ex-wife was sending harassing text messages threatening his girlfriend.

Police responded to a panic alarm in the lobby at town hall prompted by citizens arguing with town staff. 

A man reported that his girlfriend stole 600 dollars out of his wallet while she was in the process of moving out. He also stated that she had hit him but refused to provide a statement and did not wish to file an assault report as he was just trying to retaliate against her. Police determined that no criminal offense occurred.

Police were called to a residence on Old Justin Road after a woman playing with a pair of handcuffs got stuck and was unable to locate the key to unlock them.

A resident in the 900 block of Stonecrest Road reported hearing someone shooting a gun every other night. Police determined the activity originated in an unincorporated area of the county near her house. 

Police were called by a woman concerned about her safety after her purse containing her keys and identification was stolen in Lewisville. She requested a close patrol on her house.

A motorist on Old Justin Road requested assistance from an officer after the bicyclist he confronted for riding recklessly cursed at him.

Someone left a toilet in the ditch in front of a house with the words “Cayman swimming pool” written on it. The resident was concerned because he was about to vacation in the Cayman Islands and wanted police to be aware of the incident in case any other suspicious activity occurs.

A resident asked police if she could shoot a skunk in her yard with her .22 caliber pistol loaded with birdshot. She was informed of the town ordinance prohibiting discharging a firearm and was advised to contact the Animal Control Officer.

A woman stopped an officer on patrol and wanted to file a report of underage drinking and drug use at a party in Copper Canyon. She also advised that someone is selling illegal drugs in Lantana. The officer referred her to a Denton County narcotics officer. 

Police issued a warning to a dog owner on C Taylor Road after his pit bull tried to attack a bicyclist, knocking the rider off of their bike in the process.

A resident on Santa Fe Trail called police to complain about an ongoing problem with his neighbor’s dogs barking. The neighbor told the officer she always closes the dog door when she gets home from work to keep her dogs from going outside and barking while she is trying to sleep. She was advised that the problem occurs during the day when the dogs are outside. The Animal Control Officer was notified.

Police responded to a domestic disturbance involving a couple at the Chadwick Apartments in Northlake. A neighbor said that he called police about the same couple a week before when they were in the parking lot beating each other up. 

A retired bricklayer reported that a former customer was threatening to “take him out” because the fire pit he built a year and a half ago was not working properly. An officer spoke with the homeowner who stated that he was upset because when the wind blows it causes smoke from the fire pit to come into his house. The homeowner claimed his threat was simply to put the bricklayer out of business and not physically harm him.

Police arrested Gage M. Curtis, 20, of Denton, for allegedly holding up the Johnny Joe’s convenience store on Hwy 377. Officers apprehended Curtis at FM 1171 and I-35W and recovered a 9mm assault rifle used in the robbery along with cash taken from the store. Police learned the car Curtis was driving was reported stolen out of Denton. Curtis was charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

An Argyle High School student reported that another student’s parents were harassing her via text message.

Police were called out to Country Lakes regarding a suspicious looking solicitor.  Upon questioning, the magazine salesman told an officer that his company has a permit but he didn’t have it in his possession. The solicitor was advised to cease until he had a permit in hand.

A resident on Stonecrest Road became irate because his next door neighbor was shooting off a large firearm and it was an ongoing issue.

Police were called to Hunter Hill Lane after a resident reported that someone was driving up and down the street shooting a gun. An officer responded and found an older model Oldsmobile that was backfiring.

A horse breeder on Sam Davis Road asked police to keep a close eye on his ranch after a ranch hand with an unpredictable demeanor recently quit and refused to return the gate opener. 

Police responded to the 300 block of Redbud Street after a 22-year-old man threatened to harm the family dog after he was told he could not access a storage shed in the backyard. An officer determined that no offense had occurred.

A woman called police concerned that her 49-year-old daughter was contemplating suicide. She said her daughter who was visiting from out of state was screaming all day and had just returned from a four-hour bike ride after dark. An officer met with the subject and she said she was not planning on harming herself. Police were called back to the house a couple of hours later after the woman became upset again. She assured the officer that she would not cause anymore disturbances that night.

A property manager at the Stonecrest Mobile Home Park called for help after the relatives of evicted tenants began causing a disturbance and refusing to leave. 

Someone reportedly siphoned a tank of gas from a vehicle parked on East Pioneer Circle. 

A woman on Indian Trail asked an officer to stop by her house because she saw an unfamiliar man described as 65-years-old wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt that looked disoriented and “creeped her out.”  The officer was unable to locate the man.

Police took a complaint from a North Gibbons Road resident regarding an alarm going off at his neighbor’s house that was disturbing his horses. An officer visited the neighbor who stated the alarm is connected to his septic system.

A ranch owner in Northlake reported that someone had jumped over her fence and was walking on her property with a metal detector.

Police took a report from a motorist regarding a Cadillac sitting in the middle of the I-35W exit ramp to FM 407 with a man and woman inside punching each other. An officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

A woman at home alone called for help after her burglar alarm woke her up. She barricaded herself in the closet while waiting for police. An officer arrived and determined that no break-in had occurred.

Argyle Police were contacted by the Lubbock Police Department on a possible abuse of a corpse involving an Argyle man who placed his deceased mother’s body in his car and was driving her to a Lubbock funeral home but failed to notify hospice workers or report the death to local authorities. Police caught up with the man after he returned home from his trip.

A resident on Mesquite Street called police to report a skunk running around in the yard.  The skunk high-tailed it out of the yard before police arrived.

An officer observed a man digging up cactus in the 100 block of FM 407 E and placing it in the back of a truck with two women inside. Upon stopping the vehicle, the suspects admitted they did not have permission to take the plants and said that they thought the homeowner had died and no one owned the property. The homeowner did not wish to file theft charges and the trio returned and replanted the cactus.

Police responded to a road rage incident on Country Lakes Boulevard after an off-duty DFW Airport Police Offi
cer said that he was followed into the neighborhood by an 18-year-old man driving 65 mph and cursing him. An officer responded and separated the men. No charges were filed.

A concerned citizen called police to report animal cruelty after seeing a disabled calf in a pasture that appeared to have had two broken front legs. The Animal Control Officer was notified to investigate.

Police took a complaint that panhandler and his children were hanging out in the parking lot of the snow cone stand at Hwy 377 and FM 407.

After being interrupted by his doorbell ringing on and off for two hours one evening, a Country Lakes homeowner spotted 10 to 15 girls outside on the street and told them to go home. An officer responded and found a birthday party in progress nearby. The homeowners advised that they would speak with the children and keep them inside for the rest of the evening.

Police responded to a disturbance at the Stonecrest Mobile Home Park after a man found his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend inside a unit that she was supposed to have already vacated. When the man asked them to leave, the boyfriend assaulted him and left the scene.

A woman called police to report that an unknown person called her unlisted number around 5 a.m. one morning and made some obscene remarks and addressed her by name. She wanted to know what she should do about it and asked if she should buy a gun. The woman was advised that it was probably just an isolated crank call and if she wished to purchase a firearm she should visit a gun store to see what weapon would be a good fit for her.

A man came to the police station with a live bullet that he found in his driveway. An officer advised him that the police department does not store live ammunition in their property room but suggested he could dispose of it through a gun retailer or at another police station.

Police assisted the Northlake Police Department after a caller from the Creekside at Northlake Apartments reported hearing something or someone being thrown on the floor from a nearby unit along with yelling and screaming. Upon investigation, the officer found out that the tenants causing the racket had just had a death in the family and were very distraught.

A resident on Primrose Court told police she believed she was scammed by a couple of teenagers who came to her door selling magazines. The solicitors told her they would come back the next day and wash her windows so she gave them a check. Her neighbor later told her that it was a scam and advised her to call the police.

An officer spotted a pickup truck parked behind a restaurant at 1 o’clock in the morning. Upon investigation the officer saw a female in the driver’s seat and a male in the rear passenger seat with both of the truck’s doors open. The teens explained that they were just talking.

Police investigated a criminal mischief report from Country Lakes after unknown persons damaged two signs and pulled branches off five crepe myrtle trees in front of the pool.

An employee of a title company came to the police station to report some odd letters she had been receiving that contained a newspaper article with a quote about the insurance cost underlined. The woman said that she wanted the police to have a record of them.

A resident in the 600 block of Woods Drive reported that his neighbor’s car was broken into the previous night and the stolen property was dumped in his yard. 

An officer investigated a suspicious person call in the 100 block of Old Town Boulevard North after an employee of a business saw a white male wearing a black hoodie walking behind one of the buildings. The officer was unable to locate the man.

The owner of a gift shop on Hwy 377 witnessed a theft in progress from his bedroom window above the business. He said a man and woman in a gray pickup truck stopped in front of the business early one morning and grabbed an item described as a big metal flower about 5 feet tall. The owner yelled at the suspects and they took off northbound on Hwy 377.

Originally published in the June, July, and August 2013 issues of The Cross Timbers Gazette.

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