Flower Mound seeking resident input during master plan review process

Flower Mound Town Council members on Monday night approved a resolution to begin the review of the town’s Master Plan, specifically the land use portion, and they want residents’ input during the process.

The purpose of the review is not to change the document, but rather to determine how to implement the existing plan, according to town officials.

For the first time, the council will implement a community engagement process to promote early public involvement, and to encourage diverse and active discussions. The resolution also allows for the utilization of an advisory committee, if necessary.

“Each time we do an update of our town’s Master Plan, it is an important time,” said Flower Mound Mayor Tom Hayden. “It’s the foundation of the Town’s future land use, and the budgetary planning for basic services is based upon this plan.  Further, it is the road map when a developer is considering Flower Mound as to what is acceptable without having to engage the public and convince our residents that our plan should be altered. The council invites everyone to be part of this process, voice their opinions, and help improve our community.”

Used as a guide to direct future growth, development, and redevelopment of a community, a Master Plan plays an important role in a community’s decision-making process.

The Master Plan is a document that sets the framework for the physical development of the land over a 20-year period and includes sections devoted to land use, parks, trails, open space, roadways, water, wastewater, and economic development.

The 2013 land use Master Plan review will determine how best to achieve the vision alongside a resurging economy and will involve a focused discussion on four specific planning areas in Flower Mound:

•    The Denton Creek District
•    Cross Timbers Conservation Development District
•    Lakeside Business District
•    FM 2499 commercial corridor between FM 1171 and FM 407

To begin the process, the town has created an “Our Master Plan: Strengthening the Vision” webpage, which includes information about the project, the four focus areas, historical documents, FAQs, description of the review process, a timeline, and contact information.

Since this process is focused on community input, the tTown also created an Our Master Plan: Strengthening the Vision Facebook page.

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