The Ultimate Goal

In 2011, when Wright Brewer of Bartonville founded the Liberty FC 99’ Soccer Team, his dream was to engage coaching methods based upon a more unconventional approach. 

Since that time, his dream been fulfilled by witnessing a team that operates on a foundation of Biblical principles, and one that has publicly become famous for being the faith-filled team.

“Being on a team like Liberty is unlike anything else. No other team is like it.  They don’t have the same priorities we do. Yeah, we want to win, but our primary focus is strengthening our faith and our friendships with one another; that’s why being on this team is so special,” said center back Sam Patterson in a recent essay she penned about her experience on the team. 

Climbing the rankings the way they have since the team’s inception has been noted by fans as nothing short of a miracle.  Some say they have God’s favor because of the way they are teaching Biblical values.  The team’s goal this year was to qualify for the Lake Highlands Classic League.  They climbed in the rankings from Plano Division 2 third to last to Plano Division 1 to 6th place as well as competing in the semi-finals of the Carrey Tournament.

“Being on this team means that I have a commitment most of the week. No matter what, soccer comes next after school,” said forward Danielle Bradfield.

Another player, freshman forward Hallie Bacon, had this to say, “Being on this team has taught me how to have more confidence and has proven to me that keeping faith and having God in my life makes anything possible.”

Head coach Kourtney Edwards says that the girls have made amazing strides this year and their hearts are beginning to grow.  Because of the positive atmosphere, the coaches have been contacted by numerous players and parents that would like to be a part of the club. 

Though the thought of setting up satellite teams can be daunting at times, each time they seemed to put the thought of expanding the club to the wayside, another opportunity would arise. This has become a matter of prayer and waiting in typical Lady Liberty style.

“Not everyone can say that they have a real reason to go to soccer practice, but I do. It means a lot to be able to glorify God in this way,” said Patterson.
“Yeah, I get selfish and tired of giving up uncountable evenings and weekends to go play around for a few hours, but if it means showing Christ to others, it’s worth it.”

The team is launching a summer discipleship program featuring one-on-one discipleship focused on Bible-based teaching to allow players to evaluate all areas of their lives including their play on the field.

If you are interested in more information on the Liberty FC team, please contact Kourtney Edwards at 972-978-5759 or Wright Brewer at 817-235-3119 or visit


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