Riverwalk Municipal Management District should be considered in special session

Dear Sen. Nelson and Rep. Parker,

Below is an article that was forwarded to us regarding the Special Session. It is our belief that if both Senator Nelson and Rep. Parker ask for and sponsored the Riverwalk Municipal Management District (MMD) in their respective chambers, Mr. Perry would favorably consider adding the proposal to the special session. In the last session, 12 Municipal Management Districts were requested and were voted out of the House, two as late as May 17th, and all but one was created including Districts in Denton County. Below are excerpts from an article by Centurion American about the ramifications if the Riverwalk MMD is not created:

“We were going to spend $3 million to $4 million in arts, monuments, an amphitheater and lighting,” Moayedi said. “We were going to have a lot of amenities to make this better. But now, we’ll have to reassess all of that.”

Moayedi had also told the council that instead of having 950 more apartment units constructed — the original plan called for 1,250 units, and 300 have already been built — he was planning to add only 430 more and make the rest of the units for-sale villas and townhomes.

“Without this, we’ll probably go back to the 1,250 units,” Moayedi said.

This project is a half a billion dollar project for our Town, and will (hopefully) be the centerpiece of Flower Mound. Due to our lack of access among other things, Flower Mound has a history of struggling to attract businesses and be commercially successful. At this moment the Town of Flower Mound is in discussions for a Corporate Relocation with numerous jobs, but one of their most vocal concerns is a lack of places for their employees to go during lunch or after work to entertain clients. The current Council is diligent in its efforts to transform Flower Mound’s reputation, to encourage commercial activities and to diversify our tax base.

While other Municipalities are working with 21st century economic development tools, Flower Mound utilizes a hope, a prayer and our good looks. Flower Mound is at an inflection point, as we are no longer a young or new town, but one that is more mature, we can continue our upward trajectory or perhaps in a few years some areas may face the prospect of Urban Renewal. Our below ground infrastructure is no longer new nor are the roads in our neighborhoods. Our budget is overly reliant on Residential Property Taxes, and if not diversified will continue to be strained and our residential property owners could/will be forced to absorb a disproportionate tax burden as we begin replacing our infrastructure.

Today, we need your help. The Town of Flower Mound must do everything within financial reason to make the Riverwalk the most successful centerpiece possible for Flower Mound. The Council and Staff in its entirety believe the Municipal Management District is a valuable tool and has the potential to greatly enhance the Riverwalk without posing any burden on the Current Taxpayers of Flower Mound. On behalf of each member of Town Council and our Town Manager we respectfully request you petition Governor Perry to consider the Riverwalk Municipal Management District during the current Special Session.


Tom Hayden
Mayor, Town of Flower Mound


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