Highland Village recognizes veterans

The City of Highland Village paid tribute to current and former residents who served our country at a Veteran Memorial Recognition Ceremony on May 28.

The 10 veterans were honored by their family or friends who purchased a plaque to be placed on the Highland Village Veterans Memorial at the Municipal Complex.

Highland Village Veterans honored were:

-George Robert Burris, SP5-Army, 1960-1968
-Tiffany R. Cothran, Sergeant Major, Army-Navy,1951-1959 & 1973-1991
-Harold Dean Dalton, Sr., Staff Sergeant, Air Force, 1955-1975 (deceased)
-Francis J. Donnelly, Quartermaster 1, Navy, 1943-1946 & 1950-1952
-James (Jim) A. Fleming, ABE3 (E4), Navy, 1959-1962
-C.J. Howard, Jr., Sergeant, USMC, 1952-1954 (deceased)
-Andrew William Kelley, SPC (Line Medic), Army 2005-2010
-Creed Wright Taylor, Corporal, USMC, 2008-2012
-Richard Miller Wersel, 1st Lieutenant, USMC, 1953-1958 (deceased)
-James Stephen Yaeger, Specialist 5, Army, 1966-1969

All Highland Village veterans– whether living or deceased– are eligible to be recognized provided they were honorably discharged and maintained Highland Village residency for a period of at least one year at any point in their life.

A 2” x 6” plate will be ordered by the city, and funded by the family or a sponsor, and will be placed on the stone monument on the landscaped grounds of the Highland Village Municipal Complex, adjacent to the Armed Forces Monument and the Inland Trail, in a ceremony around Veterans Day.

An application must be completed and submitted to the office of the City Manager.  Once approved, the plate will be ordered.

Please visit “Our Community” on the city website at www.highlandvillage.org to download an application.

Contact Lori Wright at 972-899-5131 or [email protected] with questions or for more information.

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