Severe storms leave damage behind

Golf ball-sized hail pelted sections of Flower Mound and Highland Village and a house burned to the ground in Lantana Wednesday night in the wake of brief strong storms that swept through the area.

The hail storm hit just after 6 p.m. and large hail came down for about five minutes, according to Kellie Long in Highland Village (see photos below).

Lantana was spared from the hail but lightning was the cause of a fire that destroyed a two-story home in the 9300 block of Blanco in the Carlisle subdivision.  See video of the blaze here.

The family of five had just returned home when the fire started and was not injured.

“We were not home when then lightning struck but saw the bolt as we entered the neighborhood,” said homeowner Louis Shanks.

“We went into the house not knowing we had been hit. We were inside settling in when my daughter said she heard someone in the attic. We left immediately. Everyone is safe, pet bird included.”

Lantana-based charity Mission Moms is collecting cash, gift cards and clothing for the Shanks family.

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