Enjoyable aspects of a legislative session

One aspect of a legislative session that I am most appreciative of is the opportunity to participate in unique endeavors and to meet some very extraordinary individuals.  These occasions, such as hearing Robert Griffin III address the State House on the importance of leadership in today’s society for example, can really help to break up the days and nights spent away from my family and friends.  As lawmakers wind down this critical legislative session, allow me to share with you some experiences from the past four months that have brightened my day.

Welcoming District 63 Students to the State Capitol

Throughout session, I have been honored to host several young students from Denton County at the State Capitol to be a “Page for a Day”.  This program provides the unique opportunity to work alongside the Members of the House while we are in session.  Participants often get to meet many of my colleagues, perform important administrative functions on the House floor and even bang the gavel as we adjourn for the day.

Additionally, I was thrilled to welcome the Roanoke Elementary student choir to the Capitol this March as they performed in both the Capitol rotunda and on the south steps.  The choir did an excellent job displaying their vocal talents to state lawmakers and Capitol visitors.  I would also like to recognize their parents and instructors who did such a wonderful job organizing this trip and supporting these fine young students.

Denton County Days

A long standing tradition, Denton County Days at the State Capitol is a great opportunity for civic and business leaders from our communities to come to Austin and talk to legislative offices about our model of success and Denton County’s priorities for the future. 

I so greatly enjoyed seeing many friends and familiar faces over the two day event.  Many of my colleagues in the Texas House of Representatives were in attendance at the Denton County Days reception, giving the visiting county delegation a great opportunity to bring greater awareness to state lawmakers of the best run county in Texas.

Live Tweeting with High School Students

Last week I was able to take some time out of a very busy day to live tweet with high school seniors taking their Government course at Northwest High School.  Each class that I tweeted with was very engaged on the issues facing our state and nation.  We had great dialogues on such critical issues as 2nd Amendment rights, traditional definitions of marriage, pro-life endeavors, public school finance, the prospect of their employment opportunities post-college and many others.  The opportunity really demonstrated to me that these students are taking on the responsibility of thinking about their future despite their young age.  If you would like to see some of the conversation exchanges, please visit my twitter profile @tparker63.

Denton County Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner

In March, the Denton County Republican Party hosted its annual Lincoln/Reagan Day dinner.  I had the privilege this year to introduce all of the Republican elected officials in Denton County.  The dinner was a tremendous success and my appreciation goes out to County Party Chair Dianne Edmondson and her wonderful volunteers for all of their efforts.  I truly enjoyed the great company and seeing so many wonderful civic-minded individuals from both Denton County and all across our state.

US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Celebration

Earlier in session, I was honored to be the keynote speaker at the 12th annual celebration of the Southwest Region US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce event honoring the top 10 Asian American businesses.  My remarks centered on the need for better workforce development training programs in Texas and other economic initiatives.  I truly enjoyed the opportunity to talk about economic development with such an engaged audience and to also be able to speak one on one with so many accomplished business leaders from the Asian American community.

The above mentioned examples, and many others, were very rewarding opportunities during my service in the Texas House during this legislative session.  The interactions they afforded have given me great perspective on the issues facing our state’s youth, minority business owners, and civic leaders.  As always, it is an honor to serve you in the Texas House of Representatives.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at my Capitol office at 512.463.0688 or by e-mail at [email protected] if I can ever be of service.

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