Public service starts with passion

Although I am a teacher with 17 years of experience in education, I do not consider myself an “expert.”  My responsibilities and strategies are always changing.  When I was interviewing for my first job many years ago, I received a phone call announcing that someone “with experience” had been offered the position.  As the first day of school rapidly approached, I found myself a teacher without students.  How in the world was I suppose to get the job experience School Principals were seeking without being given the chance to teach?

Finally, someone saw my potential.  When I think back to the enthusiasm I had that first year, I recall putting my very best effort forward for the benefit of my students.  While I hadn’t achieved “Teacher of the Year” my first year teaching, that came a few years later, I gave it my all.  I was passionate about what I was doing, took the time to research and study what was necessary, and provided my class a great year of learning.

The same can apply to parenting.  I wasn’t a subject matter expert overnight.  What I didn’t know I learned.  I read books, research information, and give motherhood the best I have to offer.  If you are a parent, you know it’s a lot of on the job training!

At the Town Hall Candidate Forum, I was struck by the words from Ms. Levenick.  She stated that there is a “learning curve” for being on Town Council, and that it takes about 9 months to a year to really learn the job and become acclimated to all that is needed to serve the Town well.

Here’s the reality we can take from Ms. Levenick’s observations.  Everyone has a starting point.  And unless you’ve served on Town Council before, you will face some sort of learning curve since, by default, you are new to the position. 

This levels the playing field between any new candidates.

We all have stories of accomplishing great things without the experience on paper to warrant the responsibility.  Those who succeed, do so because of good judgment and a commitment to do the very best job possible.

With Ms. Levenick’s own admission that you learn on the job, is Mr. Walker’s experience on committees the most important factor to consider?  In my opinion, a candidate’s ability to represent the community and make wise judgments matters most.  Mr. Walker stands by his record.  As a 30+ year resident, I am concerned.  Take a good look at how he has voted and what he has recommended.  Experience?  It should be respected for the service given.  Experience should not be the only and best way to determine if right decisions will be made. 

I will vote for someone who is not in the political in-crowd but is of the people, committed to serve the people, hear the people, and do right by the people of the Town of Flower Mound.   I want someone with a proven record of leadership that comes out of serving others, not striving to get on the next Board or Commission.  That person is without a doubt Joy Bowen. 

I support Joy Bowen for Town Council Place 1. I believe that she will ask the questions that the residents of the Town of Flower Mound want asked and represent us well.  Flower Mound needs Joy!

Christine Rountree
Flower Mound, TX


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