Failing to plan is planning to rezone

A few of the responsibilities of the LISD Bond Oversight Committee members are: 

1.    Work to ensure that relevant information is made available to the public.
2.    Report to the Trustee on any aspect of the progress that the Committee feels is not consistent with intent of the 2008 Bond Package.
3.    Make recommendations to the LISD Trustees that the Committee feels will enhance the success of the 2008 Bond Package projects.

At the February 18 BOC meeting, members deliberated the athletic facilities and arenas that are to be built at Flower Mound and Marcus High Schools.  The indoor practice facility is near completion at Marcus and the old facility will be razed to build the new 9th grade center.  Athletic fields at the FMHS campus are being relocated to north of Peters Colony to allow for the new 9th grade center to be built as an extension of the current building.  I supported the 9th grade centers being part of the main campus facility due to 9th grade students who have Advanced Placement courses and for students involved in Band, Athletics and other extra-circular activities who need immediate access to those activities.    This removed the need for busing children and children who drive to travel to a remote location, thus saving time and money ($80K-$100K in annual transportation costs), while providing additional safety.

As part of the new 9th grade centers, there will be two new arenas that will have a seating capacity of 2,200 and a concourse and floor area that can accommodate an additional 1,000 people.  This will allow for students to attend various activities such as speaker programs, pep rallies and sporting events.  The 9th grade centers, athletic facilities, arenas and any land purchase are within budget per the 2008 Bond Package and does not exceed the amount that was approved by the voters.

The Bond Oversight Committee works exclusively with information provided by 2011 Demographic Study performed by School District Strategies.  No information in regard to future housing developments in Flower Mound or any other LISD-served areas has been provided when addressing the 2008 Bond Package projects.  However, it is imperative that the new direction of the Flower Mound Town Council’s direction to increase housing density be considered in reinstating the need for Middle School 17 in western Flower Mound.


The current rezoning proposals of splitting the elementary schools and an attempt to balance the student population at the three middle schools will only serve as a temporary fix.  When Lakeside DFW, several Toll Bros. developments and Regency Park II are built out, the three middle schools will once again exceed Functional Capacity, if not Total Building Capacity, within a few short years.  Failing to plan is planning to rezone.

Mellany Lamb
LISD Bond Oversight Committee Member
Flower Mound, TX

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