We are all Jaguars

We are all Jaguars.

Our Flower Mound Jaguars are exemplary. We train them from a young age to be exemplary.

In elementary school, our youngsters pounce on new ideas. They learn to read, and new worlds open to them. They make amazing connections through the miracle of mathematics. History becomes real. They are curious about the world around them. They see and create beauty in art, and they expand their imaginations through drama. They are exemplary.

In middle school, they join forces with students from neighboring schools. They sharpen their claws and get ready to compete. They join an athletic team or take up an instrument. They build on their strong academic foundation. They expand their circle of friends. They develop their skills and gain confidence. They are exemplary.

Our middle schools merge, and our kids are Jaguars. The Flower Mound Jaguars are known across the state and nation in academics, music, athletics, and art. Our students find kindred spirits in areas that are too varied and numerous to list. They are exemplary. We’re training them from a young age to be exemplary.

The strength of our elementary schools leads to our strong middle schools. The strength of our middle schools leads to our strong high school.

The strength of our schools makes our Flower Mound community stronger. This is a community-wide issue, and every student in our community deserves the strongest education possible.

But shifting demographics are working against this system. Talented athletes are cut from sports teams at one crowded middle school, while orchestra students struggle to put together an ensemble at an underutilized middle school. One heavily populated middle school transforms art and home ec rooms into classrooms, while an underpopulated middle school has a classroom available for cheerleaders.

We all want our children to have a top-notch education. We want them to be able to participate in teams and clubs. We want them to work together and to be proud of their school system. We need to make sure every school has the resources, teachers, and space it needs to put every child on the path to success. Delaying a rezoning that obviously needs to happen, while cutting programs and teachers at certain schools, would be irresponsible. Change is not easy, but ultimately it will lead to better opportunities for everyone in the Flower Mound High School feeder zone.

We start as Dolphins, Eagles, Voyagers, Stars, Wildcats, Bears, and Gators. We become Falcons, Knights, and Panthers. But in the end, we’re all Jaguars.

We are Flower Mound Jaguars.

Julie Kluthe
Flower Mound, TX


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